A bit of Perspective on Utopis a $300,000 valued Project? $500,000 Potential

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The token sales has ramped up from the last updates, seems to be having a nice run up of new eyes. With the people that wanted out looks like UTOPIS is selling back at its original value set by me.

I had a buddy of mine Ray from the MANCAVE to be exact to help me out on my Whitepaper for Project Utopis which is my hive blockchain project much like BRO token and Index and any other dividend paying token, I had an idea to create a fund and allow people to park their Hive and earn some nice divs just for holding UTOPIS which is the name of the token.

As the title suggestions I want to share a bit of perspective on my project.

I wanted a way to grow my wealth and also share it with any one that would put some Hive into my project and as a thanks Hodlers Get Dvis payed out to them in the form of Hive Weekly. Mondays to be exact at 12 AM PST.

So far the divs have been swell, id say it pays handsomely for hodling Utopis.



Its around 80-90% APR paid Weekly... not bad. With the price back to its original value the value is also bumped a bit.

As you can see By buying and Hodling Utopis Not staking Just by holding you earn some nice profits from my profits.

  • DoorDash 25% Earnings
  • ETH Mining Rig with x4 RX 5700 XT's running an earning $36~ a day. Down from $57 a day two days ago.
    I recently decided that I will do DD full time and will give me even more flexibility. Thus, allowing me to earn even more profits for my self and my project, this will in turn Make UTOPIS rather chunky!
    Id say its working out nicely.
    I still have today Friday and the whole weekend to try to touch $2000, my Weekends are mostly the best days to make that fiat profit.
    These are my goals of course.

So back to perspective, I would like to show you what I have to offer for my project and help it grow.. This might help a bit.

S0 I am sharing my account values and Holdings of all my accounts, that I can contribute to help grow UTOPIS.

I will be using LEODEX for estimations.
These are of course just estimates with the current Hive value Meaning the Value fluctuates daily.

  • CHRONOCRYPTO image.png

465,629 in Hive valuation~, $232,131.03 in USD Valutation~ 400,939 LEO in Valuation A bit of Perspective on Utopis a $300,000 valued Project? $500,000 Potential I'd say that's not investment.
I continue to power up every coin that I get from curation and payouts from all many tribes. This will in turn help also these curation accounts grow in value and be able to provide even more divs.

Quick update I was able to have a sweet dev bootup a server for me and maintain it and does it very well,.. I had some issues trying to boot up the darn thing.. it kept missing blocks.... So I was able to hire him and get him to run it for me.

Which allows me to help Decentralize the Hive-Engine Network or so we are told... But it also allows me to earn BEE's I do want to brag and say I am the Biggest Bag holders of WORKERBEE.. I bought a ton when it was at 1:1 , sweet deal Id say.
Vote a brother up if you hold even 1 WORKERBEE, I bought WB because of the promise of decentralizing Hive Engine I do put my Money where my mouth is.

Holding these many Wokerbees allows me to make massive swings on the Witness votes.. MUHAHAHAH

Well If you want to park you Sweet Hive and get paid an ever growing fat div with Massive APR and nice profit sharing and be apart of id' say 85% of all Projects/tribes on the Hive blockchain.. OHH and also out side the Hive blockchain.


Now for a surprise.. Imagine when CUB hits $10!! that be nice.

This is also part of UTOPIS, and I'm just letting it grow in cub and in value.

That's nice right? Once I see a nice number to cash out I will take massive profits.
I say $150 is a good number to cash these babies out.

$150 X I'd say 7000 CUBS = $1,050,000 well then...

Well there you have it some perspective of what and how much Utopis is valued at.

UTOPIS has investments in a ton of Hive Projects, already!!

You want a part of it? Want to earn a % of something cool on the Hive chain?
Go Buy some Utopis - On the Hive-Engine

Cheap Coins on Hive-Engine, maybe not regret it😂 NFA of course I am just a dude that likes crypto and likes to hustle hard!


It’s going to get wild soon!

This is of course only the start of what we can achieve. My first aim is to create an extremely bulky project with a competitive coin price that pays out outstanding dividends. The afterwards I will look into forwarding our direction from there. So, expect another roadmap in due course. For now, though, it’s going to be epic, and in the words of Bill and Ted.

“The Best Time To Be Is Now, And All’s We Can Say Is...Let’s Rock!”

You can you buy Utopis on Tribaldex.
“Tribaldex made by the same Hive-Engine Team”
Project Utopis Whitepaper

I would like to also add the Hive powered up, I have powered up and the 15K Hive valuation on my Dcities.

I’d say the whole thing is worth closer to $300,000!! Big difference! Lets make this bad boy grow.

The numbers I provided are estimates from the leodex site, they are the combination of all my tokens in the chronocrypto account. They are estimates~

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