Opportunities Behind The SIM Price Drop

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The SIM market dropped to 0.00306007 HIVE last day & now it's trading around 0.00317999 HIVE. The current SIM price drop builds new opportunities for players who were seeking to buy cheap cards.

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The Opportunity of Random Card Purchases
Previously, buying Random cards cost you 4 HIVE or 800 SIM. But due to the current price drop of the SIM, now you can buy a random card that worth 4 HIVE, by using 2.53598 HIVE. That builds an opportunity for new joiners of the game.

The Opportunity of Market Purchases
Due to the current SIM market drop, now you can buy valuable cards at the lowest market price as well. Some weak hands also selling their cards at the cheapest market prices. Therefore, you have a lot of opportunities to collect valuable cards at the cheapest market price too.

The Opportunity of Building Your SIM Power
Due to the low SIM market price, now you can collect SIM & hold it. By improving your SIM Power, you are eligible to influence on DCity Government features of Presidential Candidates & Lobbying.

Reduce Game ROI Percentage - For Sustainability
Due to the price drop of SIM, the Game ROI became more reasonable than its previous ROI values. Therefore, it's a positive point when thinking about the long-run of the game.

Late to Join
No, you will never be late to join this game. Do you ever feel that you are late to join a Mobile game? Do you ever hesitate to pay to play such games? If you feel you are not late to play such mobile games, I think it's a good thought to try this addictive game. It will not cost you a lot of $$$, it will not cost your hard-drive capacity or anything else. But you can have some nice gaming experience here & you are eligible to earn a token - SIM that can trade at HIVE-ENGINE Marketplace.

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