The evolution of bitcoin !

This is my participation to the following contest : [DCC tag contest - Let's support #bitcoin](

Tribe Token Talk - The king of the tokens !

Let the contest continue, I think we need more entries ! Let it be till the end of the month, so we may see more entries, but those who…

DCC tag contest - Let's support #bitcoin

More than 3 months ago we created with @starstrings01 a great contest to support tags on hive blockchain ! We supported the f

The effect of the fear on people

The fear is a great power. It's better to not let it control you. Those who know that they just use it to make others do something they…

Leofinance is the king of tokens !

This is my entry to the following contest : Tribe Token Talk ! *It's a great time to participate in a contest about Leofinance

The Meaning of a True Community !

It's clear that the word ''community'' is coming from the word commune. Referring to google : It's a group of people living together…

New DCC initiative - Tribe Token Talk !

There are so many tokens created on hive-engine and around each one a community is created. Let's expose those tribes to the world …

Crypto is extraordinary !

Cryptocurrency is something really extraordinary. It all started with bitcoin that I would call revolutionary money. Then moved to…

DCC tag contest - Let's support #crypto

This contest is run by @dcooperation community ! It supports tags in hive blockchain ! We supported the following tags : Community…

Why Hive is doing Much Better than steem !

I stopped being active in steem since the hard fork and the independence of our community ! But it's always interesting to compare between…

The difference between a stable and non-stable coin !

Do you prefer to hold a stable or non-stable coin ? To answer this question, I think we should look at many aspects. I personally…

The price of the token !

It's interesting to observe the change of the prices of any token or a cryptocurrency. It's never stable. Always going up and down…

6% for holders of more than 100 DCC & 3% for all other holders !

*This is the day. 3 months after DCC was created. You can check that here : [DCcoin is created ! The total is 1 million !](

Do we need staking and a frontend for a tribe ?

In fact, a tribe in hive-engine is a community with a token. So, the token is founded first, then the staking activated, and a frontend…

5 % to DCC holders !

*As I wrote in the following post : DCC economics - Over 30% APR ! . I'll distribute 5 % to those who are holding more than 100 DCC…

How I eanred more than $200 in BCH & changed my mind about it !

I think being active in other crypto communities is important. We may bring great ideas here, have a better view, create…

DCC economics - Over 30% APR !

I created DCC token the 28th June 2021. In the 28th of this month, we will hit 3 months ! The total supply of

Good and dangerous discord !

We all need support. That's why we joined discord in the first place ! The support could be in helping us and explaining how things…

The word of the week in POB is Hive. ☺

![PB8ro82ZpZP35bVGjGoE93K3E4U5KX8KtMBJ2ri7FNATqDaPEut9xHWgvGv6BTaMCo6hfe1xpWWm8boHg2sF5xFppQLrBqWLJGnp3idmz4VWXr2A (1).jpg](

Why I'm selling POB only at 0.5 !