To this day I don't really get the NFT craze, maybe I've gotten to the stage where my brain can only process memes and other complex…

Fishy investments

I was saying yesterday that looking back and regretting past investment decisions is not the best for the long term health of your last…

Crypto adaptations

The crypto world is sort of similar to a warzone: there are long periods where nothing happens followed by short moments of panic when…

Parsimonious pleb

Here's a new word for you: parsimonious, it means excessively stingy, just like the clown who made this meme :) I like this new tongue…

Anonymous market forces

It's becoming more and more obvious that the bitcoin market it's being disproportionately influenced by the super whales who can throw…

The road to $10

When it comes to meme-ing on the price of Hive I'm not trying to blame the little guys. Because they are just happy they can finally make…

Adventures on the crypto journey

They say the bigger you are the harder you fall and I guess that's true in crypto as well, but not in all cases. The trick is to know when…

Hive pumps season

Despite the occasional Negative Nancy and Debbie Downer that try to tamper the excitement, people tend to get stocked when Hive pumps and…

Staking all the coins

While I'm 100% in support of encouraging staking I think there is also a big risk in having everything locked up, especially if there is a…

Crypto reactions

Among the many unwritten and sometimes even unspoken rules on Hive is that you don't shill absolute garbage or the "other coin" (steem).…

Hive potential

One of the things I like most about Hive is the fact you can earn it; besides a few other examples the rest of the tokens you can earn…

I like big bags

With the markets continuing their trend downwards I see only two options for the average pleb: panic selling or casually continuing to…

Musky boy did it better

The news that twitter wants to implement bitcoin as a tipping system doesn't seem to have caused any great reaction in the markets thus…

Unpopular opinion

Yesterday when I was coming home from work I imagined that China wiping out the ban hammer would mean some serious discounts on most coins…

No regrets

It's been almost a year since I started posting consistently on Hive, before that posting has been an on and off thing for me, mostly off…

Whale shopping

I don't have the time or the brain power to analyze prices, patterns or make very informed predictions, I just watch what 5000 IQ people…

APR disbelief

It's been almost a week now but I'm still not over the fact amr008's [engagement project](

Hive hookups

To start off I have nothing against people making bank with auto posts, manual posts or any kind of posts, but after seeing this [post](

Noisy Updates

Noise cash always cracks me up when they promise that a new feature to their platforms is going to be super awesome and convenient, only…

Token tribalism

Besides the well established or trendy tribes like Proof of Brain and Leo Finance there is kind of competition between these communities…