Finally becoming a lion

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After almost four months on this platform I finally reached 600 Leo power and thus became a Lion, well at least according to this post written by the master of tasks a while ago.


After the initial euphoria of jumping into a community that was up and coming with a very promising token I tried to integrate posting and commenting on Leo Finance into my daily activity. While the commenting part has been fairly successful ( I write more than 10 comments a day, almost everyday), the posting part has been all over the place. I set the goal of writing at least one post per week, but recently I've been so tired from work that I barely had time to make my daily meme and also meet my daily quota of comments on Leo Finance, let alone write long posts and make memes for them. For those that don't know I post one meme a day in the memehub community on hive and also post it in the comments of Leo market talk.
I know I constantly complain of not having enough time but I feel like I need to let people know that I'm trying my best with the resources that I have, because while consistency is to be desired, it's not always achievable.


In contrast to the way I was used to look at other coins, that is mainly from a price perspective, I have remained very optimistic about Leo's potential even though the price has dropped a lot, and have been stacking it constantly by powering it up in 10 Leo chunks so I can look forward to every power up and make it feel significant. With the low price and delays to project blank and the governance token I see this as a huge opportunity to get those bag filled so I can sit pretty and not FOMO when those airdrops finally land.


While I would like to see more growth in this community I think we are in the very early stages of it's inception and we have a long way to go and along that way we can find the tools and strategies to become successful and fulfill our dreams of financial independence. Because lions are independent and stuff and they do whatever the frick they want, right?

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Congratulations on being a Lion.
I am not even a Cub yet lol
What's next level ?
I wish you luck with next level and hope you will achieve your next goal very soon.
Keep posting these Memes and make people smiling.


Thank you for the nice words, I really appreciate them :) the next level is Lion King at over 6000 Leo which seems a very very distant goal for a pleb like myself :P

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Lol. According to that post, I would also be considered a lion. Are the numbers still valid?

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I haven't seen any update on these numbers so I'm gonna just roll with them :)

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Yay! 🤗
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