Gay coin - when you can't pack any more fudge into your blocks

20 days ago
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When it comes to shitcoins fewer are closer to the source of said shit than gay coin ( or gay money- which is a very confusing name for a coin)


Unfortunately the project has been dead as dildo... I mean dodo for several years now, which is a major bummer. But even dead projects can have some valuable lessons to teach about how to smell a shitcoin.


Just imagine seeing Gay coin pumping during the bull market, the meme potential and the lols alone would have been worth it.

At first when I stumbled upon this "gem" ( don't ask how that happened ) I though it might be a stable coin because they like playing around with the peg, if you know what I mean.


But it seems like it was just a litecoin clone, without many bells and whistles as far as I could find because their social media is down except for their website - which I'm not going to link because it's full of dodgy Chinese chicks and nothing relating to crypto or gayness.

4xwq68  Copy.jpg

At least they should have had their coin logo in the pride colors.


so many missed opportunities...


Would have been cool to see people use it and trade it, but the big dude upstairs might have had something to do with gay coin's disappearance, just a theory though.

download 3.jpg

P.s: I had to look at some dodgy ass memes for this coin review, I hope you peeps enjoy it :D

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