2000 CTP Power Give Away till 29/06 Plus POB Vote

Financial Crimes are becoming rampant across the world. We all at #hive can create a significant awareness among the users across the…

Top grossing authors on Broadhive tribe

This is my third post about the broadhive community. Broad hive is community like many others on this hive platform. But what attracted…

Curation ratio makes broadhive a good opportunity

Broadhive is a new generic community on hive. It is just two months old community. Recently it attracted the attention due to consecutive…

BHT - A Tribe with good curation opportunity

Since last couple of days i was observing that I am getting some new tokens in my wallet. It was not really significant amount when I…
8 mo

List of accounts who pays out liquid hive when delegating to them #3 out of 3

(I decided to split it up, otherwise it would have been a really long post) Yesterday I talked with a few people about who to delegate…

'Leo Market Talk' - Setting High Standards Of Engagement On Leo Finance

The past week has been pretty crazy for me in terms of 'engagement' on the platform. I have done my best to engage with as many posts &…

How To Start Your Hivelist Store- Part 2: Store Setup

So continuing from part 1 of our series about setting up your Hivelist store, which you can read [here](

What happened to prices of POB? 10x in month

We all are here to make profits. Some are here in a long term game and some book profits regularly. In last few days the prices of one…

The cost of living in other India called "Bharat"

I belong to the country world knows for its Information Technology - India. My country is known globally for high tech professionals…

Cross posting to and from proofofbrain is key to growth

When there is a new platform announced, the success of such new platform depends on the engagement. Hive is all about engagement.…

Pink Ball Introduction in India England Test

Its almost two weeks now I am on this platform, studying different tribes. My primary interest was always in the sports. On the peaked…

Reversal of Hive Price Trend

Today, i was curiously looking at the prices of hive tokens when i realized that the value of the tokens is consistently going down since…

Corporates can not trade in private crypto in India

When the whole corporate world has started realising the importance of the crypto currencies, Indian laws are holding the top Indian…

Lassecash prices are moving up

Altogether a different trend was witnessed in the lassecash tokens when the bid price was 0.0071 tokens and asking price was much higher…

Where is crypto currency heading ?

Chart of last one year in Indian Rupees reveals that the bitcoin was stable for almost all of the year before it made a huge surge in…

India to introduce its own crypto currency soon

After the news of banning of the crypto currencies in India, Indian government has gone one step ahead and said that the government will…

India is likely to ban private crypto currency

Indian government likes to be in the news around the crypto currencies. This time India plans to introduce a law to ban private…

Sports Budget slashed for the indian sports industry

In an unprecedented event for India, first February witnessed a heavy level of activity in the finance world of India. The financial…

What is a Bad Bank and How it solves the problem of delinquency

A bad bank is a bank set up to buy the bad loans and other illiquid holdings of another financial institution. The entity holding…

Sports is pumped up 50%

Today, sportstalk tokens were pumped up when it reached the heights of 0.00058 hive per token. However the gap between buying and selling…