Taking a Look at Comdex - Synthetic Asset Exchange for the Cosmos Ecosystem

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Hello everyone and welcome back to another Coin Logic TV Dapp Review! Today we are taking a look at a really cool up and coming project in the Cosmos Ecosystem called Comdex.

Comdex is an exchange that allows people to mint, trade, and lend synthetic commodity based assets.

You can get the full details on their website, including all documentation, https://comdex.one

This is your last chance to claim your Comdex airdrop for staking ATOM, LUNA, OSMO, and XPRT. Got to https://airdrop.comdex.one to check your eligibility!

Once you have claimed or purchased some CMDX tokens, you will soon be able to stake them with our partner node validator, Infinity! You will be able to go to the Staking page on Coin Logic to select the chain to stake with us!

Hope this video gives you an idea of what Comdex is looking to do for the space and how you can learn about the project and help support them in your own way!

Nothing we say is financial advise. This is for educational and recreational purposes only! Stay safe in these volitile markets and don't get rekt!

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The Cosmos ecosystem is absolutely exploding! Good job with securing the partnership with Infinity! Hope that you guys work out a good deal with the Comdex team!


Thank you! Yeah there is so much being launched in that space it is not even funny.