Mine Monero With MoneroOcean

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Monero mining can be only profitable achieved by mining with your CPU, the Ryzen CPU's do a reasonable amount of hashrate and are the best for mining.

How can you improve your mining profits with XMR?

You can check out MoneroOcean pool, it lets you mine Monero only or instaling their version of XMRRig will let you mine the easiest algo. You will be mining different algo's but you will be always paid in XMR with the conversion being automatically made by the pool. Your profits will increase since XMR is not a easy algo to mine and by letting the auto switch feature do the work for you, you will see better results.

The pool gives you an estimation 24 hour earnings rate you can check it and it will be higher than the normal mining of XMR. By mining in this pool you will ensure decentralization since it's not the pool woth more mining hashrate.

Let me give you a good example how this works out for you, imagine the pool founds a ETH block, everyone will share the profit and be paid in XMR, this can make your earnings spike if the ETH block is really big and your earnings will surpass your average daily rate, this has happened to me. So your calculated earnings by the pool is nothing more than a estimative since if the pool is lucky you will earn a lot more.

Like every pool the higher your hashrate is the better earnings you will have.

Check how you can setup XMRig to serve you better or just go with the standard XMRig from the pool with algo-switching and you will be good to go and have better earnings.

Hope this helps you and good earnings.

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