Cubfinance Is A Sleeping Giant !Cub Is In A Massive Rising Wedge Be Alert!

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What we need to see because market trap has shown us something one he tried to crack line he tried to crack the overall trend cubfinance is going through but take a look we close on the high of the bar and then again take a look at today's price action
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We came and still touched off that line if this does give us any clear indication you can actually read the charts and understand what the market is trying to do i don't know what is this is not giving us any technical indicators .
He is telling us already what he's trying to do he tried to crack the market line yesterday but we closed on a high and we're testing that line again and now there's not that much selling going on the market in cubfinance is definitely probably one of the strongest coin in terms of

What we're seeing on the price chart today like over the last couple of days price bars.the market has seen some weakness but take a look at this i'm gonna take this line up you see that we're bouncing off a very crucial point of support you see that not only is cubfinance maintaining the overall trend of higher price.

We also came in bounce off support around 80 cents again that's positive to see both those things happen if we're really in an upward trend we pretty much in the consolidation range we're in a consolidation range rather than the market in cubfinance keeping track of this overall trend

If the market in cubfinance is actually tracking this line so far i'm actually inclined to try to change and get rid of that line and try to see the market in cubfinance trade in this range

We need to hold which direction do you think the market is trying to trade in cubfinance you think the market is trying to do this which way is the trap trying to take the market we've already eliminated the weakness like i'm not really expecting the price and cubfinance to break below that price

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