CUB Gif/Meme Contest

13 days ago
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4 days left to enter!

There are only a few entries so far, at this point, everyone is a winner!

@crystalhuman - 10 LEO / 10 HIVE
@edicted - 10 LEO
@theatdhe - 5 LEO
@basstarded - 10 HIVE

There is a total of 25 LEO and 20 HIVE in the contest pool so far!


Go to the original post

Make a post on about that is at least 500 words. You must use the hashtag #CubContest somewhere in the post and mention this contest with a link to get to it. Easy, right?

Share the link to your post here in the original post comments to be entered. Make sure your post is at least 500 words! (You can see how many words are in your post while you're writing it.

Your post must contain at least one CUB .gif or meme that you made yourself. If you don't know how to make a .gif or a meme then now is a great time to learn! You have until the time the original post pays out to enter.


Be like #SuccessKid. Buy CUB now, while you still can.
nfa :D

-Crystal Human

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