My first poker game in 9 months. First place! boooyyyaaaaa!!

1 month ago
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Decided to log into Coin Poker and play a tournament with a $2.00 buy-in. I made one x2 rebuy for $10 so I spent $12 and won $40 back so.. I made a $28 profit for a couple of hours of my time. And had fun doing it! hahaha


I had a good feeling I was going to win, I only ever play if I feel like I can take first place. Once I get in that mindset, that's all it takes, I stay there until I win.

The last 3 guys really put up a good fight! I have to admit, I started to lose my nerve near the end because BTCmex was playing really tough, with good hands.


Now I'm wondering where I should invest the profits. Should I play more poker $2 tournaments or go for the ones with bigger buy-ins? Hmmm... Decisions..

If I win more poker games I can buy more LEO!!!

Sounds like a win/win to me.

Are there any Texas Hold'em players out here? Come join me on Coin Poker and we can crush some noobs together!

-Crystal Human

PSA: I live off of my crypto earnings, being an immigrant, I can't get regular jobs where I am now. I GOTTA PAY RENT!! haha any and all tips/upvotes, using my referral links, etc, are greatly appreciated!!

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