Bittrex wallet issues....?

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I bought some Hive on Bittrex a couple hours ago and for some reason I am not able to move it. Apparently I can still trade it, but I can't move it off the exchange. Does anyone know what this means?

Bittrex 20210220 195058.png

Fortunately I bought it before this little pump we're having but...I'd rather stake it than trade it. Any insight would be appreciated...

Thank you!

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Not entirely sure about Bittrex policy, but depending on the method of purchase there is often times a holding period by the exchange in an effort to prevent money laundering on their site. Binance for instance has a ten day hold on ACH deposits for this reason! I would see if you can get into contact with the site team for Bittrex to verify their policy

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Thanks for the tip. I actually just swapped out of something else though. I didn't add money to the exchange or anything. It says "Maintenance" and potentially something about "a block not being submitted in the last 30 minutes" or something. I'll just let it sit overnight and see if it clears up but I thought I'd see if anyone else has dealt with the same problem.

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