RE: How To Get Your Cake (Pancake - Syrup) and Bread New CUB

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You're not losing anything by doing it that way. You could potentially make more by compounding it back into the CUB/BUSD as the APY is definitely much higher, but you would also either be selling some CUB to get the BUSD or putting in more money by coming up with the BUSD to match the CUB you're adding.

Personally, I'm doing almost the same thing you are. I've got some in all three farms and I usually harvest it and put it in the Den and just keep building my CUB position that way. I think at some point the CUB price will start to rise and when that happens, I'll want as much in the Den as possible. At that point, I'll have the flexibility to move some of that now much more valuable currency into other farms if I want. Or even sell a little into other Kingdom currencies to take advantage of new or more diverse products. MATIC/POLY for instance....

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