RE: Bitcoin getting ready to take the next leg up toward $100k – are you accumulating along the way?

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I agree. I think we'll see $200k plus at some point this cycle. I'm hoping it takes its sweet time in getting there. $25k-$40k increments above previous ATHs would be ideal. 20 to 42 and back to 30. 30 to 58 and back to 43. 43 to 75 and back to 58. 58 to 100 and back to 78. On so on. If we could get pumps and then month long consolidations just above previous all-time highs, then there's a legitimate chance the next bear market won't be so disastrous. Maybe 50-60% rather than the 85%. Time will tell. Either way, I'm still stacking sats. I'd love to see some of these alts have a month of running so I could convert some profits to BTC before it runs away....

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