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I have a feeling you could go on and on about how big of a deal this is. lol I get it. The problem is that 1) it makes too much sense, and 2) the legacy system is going to fight tooth and nail to stop it until they figure out a way they can insert themselves into the middle and make their cut.

Until that happens, they are going to use every tool at their disposal, not the least of which will be the media. If and when Hive starts making traction here, the FUD that will be spewed on the airwaves will be almost obscene.

It's like anything else, when you can't win on the facts, you attack the person. In this case, I'm sure they'll go after the witnesses and the DPOS system of governance and probably even try to link the whole JS thing into the mix.

We really need to get that movie out there. Have you heard anything more about that recently?

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