How Low Can HBD Drop? | A look at historical data and overview of the current conditions

Unlike most of the other algo stablecoins HBD is set to deppeg by design. It is the famous Haircut rule. This is a major pro and con…

The All Time High For The Hive Debt Was 16%!

This happen for a period of few days back in December 2018. There was another longer lasting period when the Hive debt reached the debt…

Polycub Supply

Almost 6M in circulation now, out of the 7.2 max. A 84% of the supply is mined. Over the next few months a bit more will be mined and…

HBD Supply Has Decreased Further In The Last Week

While small, the HBD supply keeps decreasing. Here is the chart starting from Jan 2022. Note that this is HBD without the HBD in…

USDC Increased Its Market Cap After The TerraUST Fiasco | A look at the top stablecoins

The TerraUST has shaken the crypto industry on a large scale. UST is not just another crypto project that failed, and it is important to…

Can Someone Build A Tool For Tracking RCs Costs?

This was This was build from @holger80 but the web is not available anymore, and the creator is on a vacation from hive :)

The Real Value of HBD - An Unfair Match

Hive Backed Dollars (HBD) - the stable coin of the Hive blockchain and one of the primary rewards authors and curators earn for engaging…

How Exactly Is The Hive Debt Calculated? Important Things To Know When Monitoring The Health Of HBD

With the current situation with LUNA/UST and the unbelievable implosion that is happening there, its important to be aware of the HBD…

How To Get HIVE At 10% Discount Or More?

Buying it with HBD on the internal market. Whenever the HBD price deeps, the stabilizer starts selling HIVE for HBD at lower prices than…

Hive Debt Is At 3.6% Now

I feel like I have linked the tool bellow a lot of times, but many still ask, so please check for live data. It is a great tool to follow…

How Is The HBD Liquidity Doing? | Data On HBD Liquidity And Trading Volume

The markets are absolutely crazy now with FUD out of control. The overall situation in the economy seems to be the major thing to blame…

LUNA Has Made 10X In The Supply

While everyone is looking at the price of LUNA, few look at the market cap and the supply. LUNA now has more then 3B in supply. Few…

How Is HBD Different Then UST?

This is a reply to @finguru, who asked about some details for HBD and UST, the comment turned quite long, so I believe it deserves a short…

3Speak Stats May 2022 | Activities, Users, Votes

3Speak keeps with the grind and slowly but surely is building a new infrastructure for videos. After the snapshot in January 2022 for the…

PHBD Is Now Showing The Right HBD Price?

Since Leofinance introduced the pHBD-USDC pool, the price of pHBD has been 1$ or above. Meanwhile HBD is still volatile. This just goes…

Data On PancakeSwap | The no.1 DEX On The Binance Smart Chain BSC

PancakeSwap was launched back in September 2020. It has been around for a while now and in the period, it has established itself as one…

Thoughts On The Market | Where are we going?

Some facts inflation is damn high fed increases interest war in Ukraine energy crisis in Europe reminder, sock market…

200 Billions In Defi

Here are the top apps according to defilama Not sure should Lido be here, but all the others on the list are hardcore defi. The…

Hive Inflation And Supply For April 2022

This is a report for the Hive supply and inflation for April 2022. Tracking the HIVE supply has always been challenging and this monthly…

Top Hive Earners By Category | Authors, Curators, Witnesses, DAO | April 2022

This is a report for the top Hive earners by category for April 2022. Here we will be looking at the overall inflation distribution…