A Look At UST | Is The Terra Money UST The Decentralized Stablecoin That DeFi Was Waiting For?

Stablecoins continue to be one of the hot topics in crypto. Regulators are now watching closely on all stablecoins, especially the…

HIVE and HBD Desperately Need Native Bridge To Ethereum and Other EVM Blockchains

If there is one thing that can make Hive to growth imensly that would be "native" secure bridges to Ethereum and EVM compatible…

Thanks Splinterlands!

This is just a genuine thank you to all the people building Splinterlands. Being an early adopter and a long term holder paids of. This…

Activity On Hive By Category | Posts, Votes, Transfers and Custom JSONs

How is the activity on the Hive blockchains doing? Now when Splinterlands has its massive growth! We will be looking in the numbers for…

A Paper On Reputation System In Anon Blockchains

I think this paper was pointed out to me from @lukestokes more than a year ago. It is about reputation in crypto, that in theory can…

Liquidity Providers Rewards For Diesel Pools Need Some Improvement and Clarity :)

I'm playing around with tribaldex on Hive Engine, with some small positions. There is a tab for my position in pools, that is great and…

dCity Data On Cards Issued, Rewards And Users

The dCity game has been steadily going forward in the last months. The long awaited 3rd edition has been released a months ago and not…

I'm Lookinfg For Leo Power Lease on leofi.io

I'm doing this for testing purpose mainly and to play around with it, but my first request for LP expired, and I just put another one.…

HIVE Supply Zoomed In 2021

Yesterday I made a detailed post about the HIVE supply for the overall period 2016-2021. It gives a nice overall picture. But 2021 is…

The HIVE Supply Is Going Down | A Breakdown Of The HIVE Historical Supply

The supply of a coin is quite an important thing. Also, its inflation. A very common question about a project is what it is supply? As…

Trying To Track The HIVE Supply Properly

HIVE Created: Author rewards, HP and HIVE Curation rewards HP Witness rewards HP HBD to HIVE Conversions HIVE…

Airdrop Alert: Adamant Finance Will Airdrop $Addy on Arbitrum For Polygon Stakers

In case you missed it, Adamant has announced their Arbitrum airdrop for those that are staking Addy on Polygon and there is still time if…

The hard hit suffered by Mad-Runner: $50k stolen by @hivewallet94 - Keep your passwords safe! / Il duro colpo subito da Mad-Runner: 50k $ rubati da @hivewallet94 - Tieni al sicuro le tue password! (ENG/ITA))

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Exchanges Transfers Report | Transfers to and from exchanges by date and accounts

HIVE on exchanges has been a hot topic these days because of the supply has literally been drain out. Just recently there was around 130M…

Hive Naming Rules?! Hive VS HIVE

Not sure is this still a thing, but back in the days of the old chain these were the naming conventions. Hive - refers for the whole…

dCity now has $100k liquidity pool on tribaldex for the SIM:HIVE pair

The pool has been growing slowly in the last month and thank to the increase of the HIVE price it is now at almost 100k. THis of course…

Hive Engine Is Getting Traction | Data On HIVE Deposits And Withdrawals

The volume on Hive Engine has been growing in the last month. Splinterlands has a lot to do with this but also the overall development of…

Splinterlands Stats | August 2021 | Games, Players, DEC and Price

Splinterlands has literally exploded in the last month! All numbers are up. Let’s take a look at the latest data. One of the main…

What is the second best game on Hive?

While Splinterlands is flying, what is in your opinion the second best game on Hive?

SPT Delegations Broken? My Alt Account Is Showing Zero SPT Power And Not Receiving CR

Splinterlands update their blogging platform but this seems to broke something. My alt @dalz2 is now having zero SPT. At first I was…