BXT Distribution Down To 400 A Day

Was 500 the first week, now we are in the second week and it is 400. It will continue to drop each week until it is 100 a week and it will…

Stablecoin Farming on Hive DeFi - The SWAP.HBD:SWAP.BUSD LP

How you can profit from stablecoin farming on Hive DeFi. Unless you’ve had your head in the sand, you’ll have heard

Data On The Splinterlands SPS Token | Transfers, Staking, Supply And Top Accounts

The SPS token has been around for a few months now. It was launched at the end of July 2021. Since then the supply has increased following…

HIVE Inflation| Yearly Down -3.22%, For November Up 1.30%

A main takeaway from my recent Hive Supply and Inflation post. Date HIVE Supply Jan-01-2021 380,208,202 Nov-01-2021

What Is The Best Defi App To Compound Bitcoin?

Compound BTC only. Compound hard assets :) I have been using Belt on BSC and then compound with our very own Cub platform. The belt…

Top Hive Earners By Category | Authors, Curators, Witnesses, DAO | November 2021

This is a report for the top Hive earners by category for November 2021. Here we will be looking at the overall inflation…

Posts With Four Digits Payouts Are Here


Hive Inflation And Supply For November 2021 | Is the supply increasing or decreasing?

This is a report for the Hive inflation for November 2021. Tracking the HIVE supply has always been challenging and this monthly post aims…

The HBD Supply Has Been On A Ride In 2021 :)

From under 5M at the beging of the year to almost 30M in September and now at 23M. Looks like it starts to stabilize here, but will…

The BXT Incentives Are Pushing A Lot Of Pools On Hive Engine Above 100k In Liquidity

The most interesting one from me HBD:BUSD, a stable coins pair, with a 600% plus APR on day three after the launch. A 70k in liquidity…

Hive Power Up Day - December 1st 2021 - Become an Orca!

The Hive Power Up Day (PUD) is taking place on the first day of every month and the last one of this year will occur in a few days, on…

The Hive Decentralized Fund Keeps Growing | A Look At The Historical HBD Balance And Where Did The Funds Come From

As a decentralized ecosystem the Hive Decentralized Fund (DHF) plays a vital role for Hive. Being able to self fund from a DAO exclude the…

Some Nice APRs Now On Beeswap :)

Four digits APRs for providing liquidity in some of the pools below. My personal favorite one HBD:BUSD .... finally some HBD to stables…

Beeswap Updates

Now on BeeSwap you can find information about estimated rewards and token statistics. Rewards distribution should start in few hours…

Hive Posts Length | What is the average word count? | Are longer posts rewarded more?

Let’s take a look at Hive posts length, word count and the correlation with payouts. I have made a posts like this more then a year…

HIVE Created In 2021

SR - Staking Rewards WR - Witness Rewards CR - Curation Rewards AR- Author Rewards Up until Nov 21, around 19M created…

New Tribe & Token: Verify Your Brain || vybrainium (VYB)

Announcing the Verify Your Brain tribe and its token, VYB (vybrainium) This post is meant to serve as the initial White Paper…

Can Anyone Explain The Hive Feed Price?

I bet people around know this, but I'm not as sure, so here is a n00b question :) This is from hiveblocks: 1.07$ at the moment

Everything You Need To Track The HIVE Supply

HIVE HIVE Created Author rewards, HP and HIVE Curation rewards HP Witness rewards HP Staking rewards HP HBD to HIVE…

BeeSwap : Hive Dapp Worth Checking Out

We just can’t get enough of Hive, can we? I just came across another Hive engine application, just like tribal DEX, leodex and Hiveengine.…