Hive Communities Analysis | March 2021 | Communities Created, Top Communities by Subs, Activity and HP Weight

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Hive communities officially arrived in February 2020. Before this there was in a test phase that starting from October 2019.

Communities should allow users to find content of their interest easier and also post in the communities of their interest, allowing them to connect more with people alike. It should help discovering content as well.


With the media tokens updated communities can have their own tokens in the future.
Here we will be looking into the following things:

  • Number of Communities created
  • Top Communities by number of subscribers
  • Top Communities by activities
  • Top Communities subscribers’ stake
  • Top Communities by active authors

Number of Communities Created

First let’s see the total number of communities created with time.


As already mentioned, communities went live officially in February 2020, but they were in a test phase before that. The period above is from November 2019 till June 22, 2020.

We can notice that there are communities created before the official launch date, but the spike in the number of communities created is quite visible in February. On February 20, there was more than 200 communities created. Afterwards the number dropped and lately there is just a few communities created per day. Interesting there is another spike around September 23th, 2020.

In the last period there is a few communities created per day, usually in the range of 1 to 5.

There are around 2400 communities now on the Hive blockchain.

Top Communities By Number Of Subscribers

Who are the top communities on the blockchain?
We will be looking at this by more than one parameter, but for starters lets take a look at the most obvious one, the number of subscribers.

Here is the chart.


The GEMS community comes first with almost 10k subscribers, followed by OCD and DTube. LeoFinance is on the fourth place.

Some other know communities there as LeoFinance, Photography Lovers and PowerHouseCreative with more than 4000 subscribers.

Overall, the numbers of subscribers in the communities keeps on growing. We will check this out in a separate chart as well.

Top Communities By Subscribers’ Stake

Another interesting way to rank communities is the stake of their subscribers. After all we are on a DPoS chain 😊.
What is the stake weight of the subscribers in each community?
Here is the chart.


In this type of ranking the OCD community comes on top. The HiveDevs community is on the second place followed by LeoFinace. LeoFinance has been growing and surpassed the GEMS community that was on third spot in the last report.

Top Communities By Activity

The number of subscribers in a community and their stake is important. But more important probably is how active the communities are.

Here is the chart for the top communities by the number of posts made in the last 30 days.


The LeoFinance community comes on top here, followed by GEMS and then D.Buzz. D.Buzz has been claimning the ranks and its also in top communities by number of posts as well. Actifit is on the fourth place.

LeoFinance is on the top here claiming the first place from the GEMS community. Almost 8k posts in the month.

Top Communities By Active Authors

What about active authors? How many in the last 30 days?


This can be basically MAU (monthly active users) per community.

LeoFinance is on the top here as well with more than 1k active authors in the month. GEMS on the second place with more than 1k as well. The Leo and Gems communities are in close fight here, although Leo has overtaken gems in the last period. In the past the GEMS communities was a leader by a lot.

The Photography Lovers and D.Buzz are next, Foodies, Hive Gaming and the Pets communities also doing well.

Hope to see more communities and more development on this side 😊.

All the best

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