Hive Posts Length | Number of posts, words per posts and payouts | March 2023

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How are Hivers doing with the length of their posts? Is posts length increased or decreased? What is the average length of a post on Hive? How many words in a post are enough? Are longer post rewarded more on Hive?

Let’s take a look at the data for post length and payouts based on this.


Here we will be looking at the number of characters and words per post, what is the average and how does the daily numbers fluctuate. Then we will be taking a look at the payouts for the posts according to their length and categorize them.

The period that is analyzed here is 2022-2023.

Total Number Of Posts

First an overall look at the number of posts per day in the period. These are post only, comments not included. Here is the chart.


The number of posts per day has been in the range of 3k to 5k post per day, with and overall downtrend in the period. In the last months there seems to be a small uptrend towards the 4k mark.

Total Number Of Characters In Posts

Here is a chart for the daily number of characters from posts.


The blockchain has a data of body length, or number of characters per post. When we sum those up, on a daily level we get the above. This chart follows the post chart trend. More than 12M characters are printed every day on the blockchain from posts only.

The number of characters by itself doesn’t tell us much.

Number Of Words Per Post

Here is the chart.


An average of 770 characters per posts in the last 30 days.

What seems interesting from the chart above is that the number of words per post has increased a bit in the period, going from around 650 words per post to 770 words in the last months. An 18% increase in the length of the posts in one year! The posts have gotten longer 😊.

As mentioned above, the blockchain only has data for number of characters per post, not a word count. I have converted the numbers of characters in words based on an average of 5 characters per word. Its not a 100% exact number but close enough.

Note that videos are usually short on characters, that doesn’t represent their length.

Posts Length And Payouts

If we categorize the number of posts according to their word count, we get this chart. This is a data for January 2023.


We can see here that most of the post are shorter and belong in the 500 words or less, category. As the post length increases, the number of posts is getting smaller. But interesting that the last category, more than 2500 words has just a bit more post than the previous one 2k to 2.5k words in a post.

What about the payouts?

Are longer posts getting rewarder more than short posts?
Here is the chart for payouts according to posts word count in the last 30 days.


The longest posts, 2500 plus words, have the biggest payouts with average of 14.5 USD earned per post.
On the second place are the 2k to 2.5k words posts with 12$ per post. The 1.5k to 2k word count post have a similar payout around 11$. The short posts, under 500 words have the smallest average payouts with $2 per post.

The table looks like this.

Words per postNumber of PostsAverage earning [$]
< 50047,2662.02
2500 +3,65714.52

The posts under 500 words on average earn $2 and the posts with 2500+ words earn on average $14.5.
Because these payouts are in dollar terms, they usually change with the increase and decrease in the HIVE price. If HIVE was around one dollar value, the numbers above would be more than double.

Longer post obviously earn more.
But as we can see the post from 1k to 1.5k words are very close in the earning to the longer posts and they are the most efficient in terms of earnings per word.

Who Is Making The Longest Posts?

Here is the chart for authors who are making the longer posts from the start of 2023.


The @splinterstats account is on the top here with a post with more than 12k words. It’s a post with data about Splinterlands cards.
@curangel is on the second spot with a 11k words per post. They make a compilation posts from the curated post.
@jacekw, another account that posts long for posts with data on Splinterlands.
The @hiq magazine is also in the top. Some bilingual accounts in the top as well.

All the best

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Interesting stats with regard to reward on long posts, many ardent writers will be thrilled to learn this.

Have seen some ask about length of post, this gives a reasonable idea as to how long.


Thanks, Your hive analysis data are amazing and very good quality.


Interesting stats, kudos to those long posts, when I get to 500 the words seize to flow 😃

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500 is just enough :)


Sure interesting to read about the correlations between the length and payout.


Interesting stats on Hive posts length. Now, I know better on how to structure my future posts.

Thanks for providing us with this information :)


This is an interesting article and I appreciate the supporting data provided. Thank you for sharing.

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This is an eye opener. I think you write longer when you are passionate about a particular topic you are writing. It just flows naturally

Thanks for this information


I think it might be the opposite. If you're truly passionate about a topic, you should be able to describe it in few words. (Think "elevator pitch")

If you're an expert on the topic, the content might be pretty niche though, and not appeal to a wide audience.

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Thanks for this quality analysis. It's interesting the topic or the type of posts that went longer (versed in games or collections). I try all my posts to pass the 1000 words barrier, counting just one language because I post both in Spanish and English (this is something that could be missed in the stats if you don't count on it.).

But indeed today I was talking that my three more loved posts, surpassing the 1500 words and even one near the 2500 benchmark, were unnoticed, but I'm clear that happened because of the topics and, anyway, it's part of the system. I'm good with Hive and very satisfied, grateful indeed, with my results so far.

And yet it occurs to me that one project can be created not just for tracking --this exists already though it's not regular maybe-- but to curate those posts that go really long --if they apport value to the community--, that we know take great effort to build them.

Best regards from Cuba.


Interesting information, So now i need to increase words in my post to 2k to 2.5k to be able to earn 10 $ to 15$ :p

I'm sad to see numbers of posts are decreasing, Hopefully it will start climbing up again when hive will cross 50 cent mark.

What about the comment ? how many comments are being posted on hive blockchain ?


Try it out :)
Although those are averages, and on an idividual level it will for sure be diffrent



This is huge, a big thank you to all the Hivers out there who take their time to make us understand Hive better.


This article was worth reading more than once. You've included some helpful tips on rewards based on multiple variables. Thanks!
#freecompliments #Alive #thread


I'm surprised my name isn't there in the list of writers with the longest posts. But then again now that I think of it, the others likely post every day, while I don't always do that. If I did, I'd likely make that list.

I wonder what the numbers are for long comments, as I've contributed my share of them as well. Hopefully, sometime in the future, we may be able to get exact word counts as well. Until then, I'll just keep creating my share of long-form content on Hive. :)

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Have the posts gotten longer, or are more people including "longer signatures" on their posts? Is there a way to compare the "uniqueness" of each post?

I think you should exclude accounts that are aggregating the work of others, as well as those that appear to me automated, curation programs that summarise their votes. I don't believe these are genuine "content" in the way that an individual author may compose.


Some other have suggested this, and the bilingual posts as well..... probably has some effects


Before reading your post I did not know that I was one of the authors with the longest posts.

the post from 1k to 1.5k words are very close in the earning to the longer posts and they are the most efficient in terms of earnings per word.

As always interesting data and analysis
@tipu curate


Yea, but still keep in mind these are averages, usually it works differently on an individual level.


Whenever you present averages, if you could also present the medians that would be super helpful.

Several of the distributions are clearly skewed. Whenever a distribution is skewed, the median is a better measure of central tendency than the mean (average).


Thanks for the suggestion.
Which of the charts you think is with skewed data?

3d (edited)

Post length is clearly skewed. With over half the posts being less than 500 words. You've mostly accounted for that by showing average payout by post length instead of just the overall average.

However, if you showed average and median payout by post length that would be a bit more informative, especially for posts below 500 words. I suspect that that distribution is heavily skewed in and of itself.

Basically, my suggestion would be to show median every time you show average. If the underlying distribution is symmetrical, those numbers will be the same. If it's skewed, they will be different, and the median will be a better representation of central tendency, because it tells you half are above and half are below that value.

In other words, the median tells me, if I'm an average blogger and this is my average post length, the median value is what I can expect my typical payout to be.

Median values are much less influenced by extreme outliers than are the mean values.

3d (edited)

I agree with the skewness of the data. Since it's skewed to right, I suggest to lower interval from 500 to maybe 200. I think that will tell a different story. The data might follow a normal distribution curve and averages can represent the data.


Reporting both means and medians is ideal. If they're equal, you know the distribution is symmetric. If they're not, then you know skewness exists, which usually warrants a deeper dive to discover the underlying reasons, as you have suggested.

If you can only report one or the other, then report medians.


This is interesting to see, and from my experience in the 1,000-2,500 word range, largely accurate... as you mentioned, the numbers fluctuate with the Hive price, but it is still encouraging to have the hard facts on the extra work being rewarded on Hive!


@dalz - I love stats. This post is excellent. Very useful information and saves the user a great amount of time in finding, gathering and compiling such information. Hats off!

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The posts under 500 words on average earn $2 and the posts with 2500+ words earn on average $14.5.

Longer post obviously earn more.


Thanks for the information on length of post, seriously am going to do more research to boost the words of my post to the average of 1k to 1.5k, I think that's exactly what I need to push my blogging game up.

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Before I began blogging on Hive I took up another hobby: book writing. I wrote two novels, a novella and several nonfiction books. Only a few of these were good enough for me to admit I was the author 😅 It was good practice though, and certainly helped me to develop writing fluency. One thing I remember reading in those days was that 80,000 was the target word count for a novel. I found this so very funny. Thought of all the great writers whose books fill libraries. Did Conrad count the words (Heart of Darkness, 19,500)? Did Hemingway (Of Mice and Men, under 30,000)?

When I'm blogging on Hive I find a good short story can easily come in under 800 words (I guess that's flash fiction). A research article can exceed 2500. The goal in writing, for me, is to say what I want in as few words as possible. It often takes a lot of effort to cut a piece so that it's effective, yet efficient.

I find your graph helpful in that it seems to give permission to write long articles. Sometimes I wonder, is this too much information? The next time I write a research article (planning one now) maybe I'll feel free to explore ideas a little more thoroughly. Or, maybe the graph won't have any effect at all. Basically, when I'm done, I'm done :))

Thanks for the graphs. Very interesting (how many words in this article😃?)