RE: SPS Flywheel and How to Get There

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Neal I think this is a terrific post that summarizes a lot of the ideas floating around. I like all the solutions and agree that they all create value for the game.

We don't have to have every idea be the "sole solution" to the issue, instead we should ask ourselves these questions?

Would this be a positive for the game and for the players? Will it cost the devs a ton of time to implement it?

I believe if you put these 3 ideas up for a vote, all 3 would resoundingly pass. I say lets find out and ask the team to strongly consider it. Lets not wait for things to be perfect, lets trust the community to make good decisions (using the DAO vote would be a great way move the ball forward).

Thanks for putting these ideas down in a coherent way that is easy to understand. Let's do it!

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I like the dao vote as a gauge of support