Preparation towards HF25 | Updates

Hey everyone! It's been quite sometime since our last upgrade, which made it easier for node operators and witnesses to run and maintain…

$2b Rugpull on Polygon - Iron Finance

As you may know (since it has been discussed on LeoFinance Discord for quite a long time) Iron Finance had released new farms/vaults on…

Polygon (MATIC) Bridge Announcement

Hello there! As you may know, I have announced @bscbridge about a month ago and so far, it has been working more or less without an…

BSCBridge | 2nd Week Report

Here is another week of BSC Bridge report :) BNB > HIVE Bridge This week, there was an issue with the BNB > HIVE Bridge with how…

USDT/TRY on Exchanges and IRL

I was having a chat with a friend of mine about USDT when I realised this, so here is a post about it si

Auto-Compounding LEO Rewards! | Announcing Meowcurator

Hello everyone! You might've seen @meowcurator voting on your LEO posts and comments in the past couple of months. Well, this is the…

A Week of BSCBridge | Over 10k volume!

It has been roughly a week since the inception of the BSCBridge 2.0 with the introduction of the HIVE <> BNB conversion. (Both…

BSCBridge Support

I've been asked a couple of times regarding where to go for support inquiries for @bscbridge. Therefore, I decided to write this post…

Announcing BSC Bridge (2.0) | Instant BNB <> HIVE Conversion! | New Frontend

After seeing it in the comments so many times in my previous announcement, I started working on an upgraded version of the BSC Bridge…

Announcing BSC Bridge | Instant HIVE > BNB Conversion

Rishi using the bot instead of bothering me. This is probably going to be a short announcement, but an announcement nevertheless.…

Free Money

One of the gambling sites I registered to months ago did an event today. Where they were giving out free website credits that you can use…

Borsa'nin Cokusu | USD/TRY | Turizm

Borsa Istanbul yaklasik bir kac aydir bir dusus icinde. Son zamanlarda bu daha yaygin bir sekilde belli olmaya basladi. Ulkenin genel…

Hive Post Rewards and Downvotes

Trending page as of now, post rewards of over $100 continue down below. A quick summary of how Hive rewards work: The feed price is…

Drums of CUB Pump

As you guys may already know, CUB had dipped all the way down to $1.8 just a couple of days ago. A lot of paws gave up on HODLing and…

F.R.I.D.A.Y for LeoFinance - A Small Update

After seeing some comments from people looking to find CUB price easily, I added an additional feat

Hive over $0.7 | BSC problems

(screenshot taken about an hour ago) (screenshot taken at the time of posting) --

HIVE is over $0.4 | LEO is getting close to $1.5!

Current HIVE price on Binance (although I took the screenshot a bit late, it was higher. An amazing feat, LEO, CUB, HIVE... every…

Announcing new FRIDAY feature - Cub Finance Monitoring!

Example Example 2 What is this? It has been a few days since Cub Finance launc

Diamond Hands of CUB

Just a mere two days after my last post, CUB TVL (Total Value Locked) rose from $7.2m to $11.3m and is continuing to rise. The price of…

Discovering DeFi with CubFinance!

Okay, so... I must first say that I am not a trader. I have never been excited or well-versed in trading stuff. Also, I never dabbled in…