Announcing BSC Bridge | Instant HIVE > BNB Conversion

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Rishi using the bot instead of bothering me.

This is probably going to be a short announcement, but an announcement nevertheless.

What is it?

@bscbridge is an automated bot that will automatically convert HIVE to BNB on BSC. Instantly.


Since @rishi556 lives in the United States, he was not able to use Binance. Even with a VPN, they had closed his account, therefore, for things that require BNB (either wanting to invest in new tokens or just paying gas fees for CUB) he was always coming to me so that I could convert some HIVE to BNB for him. I was more or less tired of doing this at 3AM in the morning... So, yeah.

How does it work?

Send >20 HIVE (minimum is 20 HIVE) to @bscbridge with your BSC address as memo (nothing else, be careful to double-check your address, transactions are irreversible.) and it will automatically convert to BNB, taking into account the current HIVE/BNB price (using Binance API) with a 2.5% fee (this may drop later).

Can I trust it?

It's up to you.

What if I want to bridge thousands of HIVE?

You probably can. But in a scenario, if the bot does not have enough BNB to send to you, it will just refund you the HIVE you sent while stating the maximum HIVE it can accept.


After this announcement, @bscbridge officially goes into beta test mode. So while I tried to prevent any issues that could result in funds being stuck, if in the very rare case that they are, I'll refund them.

That's it.

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