Knowing a good thing went you see it.

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Happy New Years, look the new year is open and bright partly cloudy but the sun is shining, just like in this picture, observing this beautiful scenery in a comfortable place, this picture reflects how I feel now, I hope you feel the same way.

Greetings Leo finance community, investors, and crypto enthusiasts. I'm not going to take much of your time today, I'd just like to give a little update. When I joined the Hive blockchain community the hive coin was sitting under a dollar, I had vested $100 into the coin, I did this because I believe in community, and now a year later Hive is $1.54. I am new to investing, but I do understanding this was a good investment, and from the looks of it, and all the talk of the development in web3, It is going through the roof. Indeed, I am not going anywhere but here, continue my research blogging and learning. Thanks for everything @opinizeunltd, Leo finance, and Hive blockchain community.

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