Hive Power Up

Because Hive Power Up is whenever you want let's go! I've powered up trough PEAKD and it's very simple as you can see Off topic…

NFT Giveaway | Steem Crypto Stamp - 60 Layers of Pure Entertainment

Who does not remember the steemit novel that shook the crypto world and left the discovered some vulnerabilities of the (DPoS) system…

Cub Graphics

Well guys.. I have to confess, there are days that I don't have mood to graphics and there are days that I can't stop! Can't explain…

Cub logo gifs

Hi guys! Today I decide to play with Cub logo and make 3 gifs. Software used: GifMaster App for Android. Feel free to download and…

I Paid For My CAR With HIVE

2 years ago I bought a car on installments like anyone else my age later a friend of mine told me about a blog that paid for posting good…

Book recommendation - Bitcoin Mining

Hi guys! Today a bit out of my "business" lol but here is a book recommendation! Bitcoin Mining Online

Shot post, 1 simple and easy question

Right now @leofinance is on 27 position of Hive Witnesses List Have you conscience of the great and huge job

Sunday Lovely Sunday - DHEDGE GIVEAWAY

DHEDGE DHEDGE is a hive-engine token that gives you daily dividends (drips) of 18 different tokens if you holds it. For those who…

How to connect Cub Finance and Trust Wallet

Hi guys! A simple tutorial with images in how to connect Cub Finance inside Trust Wallet App. **Supposing you already have installed…

LeoFinance Cub Finance

Hi guys! To celebebrate LeoFinance Cub Finance launch I made 2 gifs that I'm dropping here and gonna also drop on Twitter.…

Just bought my very first NFT: LeoFinance QRCode Animated Gif

Hello, dear members of LeoFinance! I've just bought my very first NFT : a LeoFinance QRCode Animated Gif ! Recently all of…

Coinmarketcap fixed Hive description

☝️ Coinmarketcap finally fixed Hive description on their site! Last weeks on Twitter some

20 hive-engine tokens graphics

Hi guys! Today I sharing with you 20 graphics (1080x1070px png with transparent background) hive logo and 20 of most know hive-engine…

Auction NFTart

Hi guys! Do you invest in art? This post may be for you, let's go! If you following NFT Art you already realize it became a gem on…

Well, it´s time for some Power Up and one more NFT Giveaway for the Leo Crypto Stamp ;) Check inside

Hi everyone. The content of the post i share today is a bit different from the content i share in a daily basis. I usually use the…

If $hive jump to $1 USD

Hi everyone! First of all hope you're having a nice Saturday! Here in Portugal after almost 2 weeks raining, today sun comes to visit…

Hive Librarian App Features Update - Where is the Money?

Today I finished up some more features to the Hive Librarian App and deployed them. Some of them mainly have to do with the wallets and…

ecency QRCode Animated Gif on NFTSHOWROOM

Hi guys! If you're searching for good investments check my new NFT QRCode minted on @nftshowroom ( only my own opinion of course…

LeoFinance QRCode Animated Gif on NFTSHOWROOM

Hi guys! I confess I'm so excited with this new NFT minted on @nftshowroom LeoFinance QRCode " LeoFinance QRCode " is a…

Hive/LEO Power Up!

Hi guys! I'm All In with Hive and trying to Power Up every week! ![Screenshot_20210131_133623.jpg](