RE: Storing files on Hive Blockchain: Part 1 - Planning

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Thanks, mate, glad I waited to skim through the comments before hitting the keyboard to write basically the same thing.

What I should add, though, for @geekgirl, is that the custom_json operation should be used only in cases where it acts like some sort of cursor / key / hash / layer 2 for something that needs governance and immutability (hive-engine?). It's a waste to use the governance and immutability of Hive, which is a fast, reliable, cheap blockchain, for something relatively trivial, like storing data. I understand the need, and it's a problem that needs a solution, I just think there are better solution than Hive for that.

It looked to me like using a racing horse to carry logs from the wood. Just because they are both horses, it doesn't mean they're both very good at the same thing.

Other than that, keep building!

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