May 16th 2022 - Luna Is a Harsh Mistress

A week has passed since the collapse of LUNA and UST began, but right now it seems obvious that we have witnessed arguably

April 24th 2022 - Netflix vs. "It's the Economy, Stupid"

Cratering of the Netflix stock is among the most important economic news in the past few weeks. Stock of the company that belongs to…

April 4th 2022 - Will Elon Musk Save Twitter and the World?

Elon Musk has purchased 9.2 % stake in Twitter, and the news has created a lot excitement at the market and rampant speculations

March 7th 2022 - Yellow for Yellow

At this point it is quite futile to predict long term consequences of the war in Ukraine on global economy. What appears to be certain…

February 17th 2022 - War, Crypto and Historical Ironies

As I write this, price of Bitcoin experienced another major plunge, more than 4 percent. So, if the trends continue, it is very likely…

January 25th 2022 - Russia FUD Ends... For Now

Ivan Chebeskov, director of Financial Policy Department within Russian Ministry of Finance, recently [stated tha

January 2nd 2022 - Vitalik Looks Back

“Zoom out” is an advice you often hear whenever you watch videos by crypto influencers, especially those whose likes, subscriptions and…

December 19th 2021 - Two World War One Quotes

“Cheer up, lads. You will be home before the leaves fall from the trees”. (William II, German Emperor, addressing Imperial German Army…

December 1st 2021 - Croatia Goes Crypto

Konzum, Croatia’s largest retail store chain, [has announced that it would accept cryptocurrency payments](

November 23rd 2021 - Nobody Saw It Coming?

Inflation is, as most of the people in the world know by now, a fact of life, and, sadly, fact of life that is going to last for a long…

November 12th 2021 - Local Globalisation

With COVID-19 pandemic and recent troubles with supply chain, many might be tempted to say that the process of globalisation has received…

November 1st 2021 - Another Cautionary Tale

When dealing with the world of cryptocurrencies, it is good to be bold and embrace the new concepts and technologies, but only if such…

October 6th 2021 - CUB Is Now Where HIVE Used to Be

HIVE has made one of those spectacular upward moves that makes life in the cryptosphere so special with HIVE hodlers having the value of…

August 10th 2021 - FUDless Senate

If you happened to follow Crypto Twitter in previous few hours, you would be likely to believe that certain 87-year old gentleman from…

July 12th 2021 - The Decline of Crypto Influencers

TikTok has recently banned paid promotion of cryptocurrencies , which some of the commentators see as the begin

July 5th 2021 - A Day in the Afterlife of Sisyphus

Bitcoin price, and the rest of crypthosphere with it, is again at that unhappy place which increasingly look like a day in afterlife of…

June 26th 2021 - Hiveblocks.com - Too Much Information?

Price of Bitcoin is going down, and bitter experience teaches us that the price of HIVE is going to get even lower. This, however, doesn’t…

June 19th 2021 - Billionaires Also Get Rug Pulled

Idea that “this time will be different” and that there won’t be any serious crypto winters stems from the idea that the big institutional…

June 9th 2021 - Crypto Influencer's New Clothes

Yesterday was brutal day for all crypto HODLers. Couple of days of constant and seemingly unstoppable downward move culminated with price…

June 3rd 2021 - CUB and Diamond Hands

Ivan on Tech in one of his most recent and increasingly bearish-sounding videos explained how the crypto investors should never base their…