Sunny day, clear buds, and a not-so-great grinder

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Hello smokers! I see my musings about AI didn't quite appeal to you, even though I was high. Well, let's return to the format you enjoyed.📷


Today was a sunny day, and I started smoking since lunch)
This allowed me to take clear pictures of my buds in bright light.
The trichomes on the buds were much more visible in the shots!


By the way, do you use a grinder?
I recently bought a cheap plastic one out of curiosity, but after using it for a few days, I decided that I'm not impressed. I found that I could grind my buds better with scissors.


There are so many substances accumulating inside the grinder that can only be extracted with alcohol, and I don't like that. It's hard to turn and has already started to crack in places. Plus, there are enough substances in it for an examination! I'll be getting rid of this gadget.


I don't recommend it!

I wish you all a bright warm sun and huge, juicy buds!

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