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Most of us calculate our crypto net worth from time to time, or even regularly. We might think of it in terms of a fiat currency like dollars, or a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. But what about calculating what your crypto net worth would be if each crypto you hold was at its all-time high?

For example

(I'll use US Dollars because most of us are familiar with that.)

If you have 0.1 BTC (ath 42000) and 2000 STEEM (ath 8.2), you'd be worth $20,600 if they returned to their highs (something we might expect to happen in 2021 or soon after).

At current prices, you're only worth $3570 in this example.


(I have a few dollars worth of ADA (Cardano), and 130 BAT tokens earned for allowing ads in Brave browser worth about fourty bucks, both of which I'm not even sure I have access to at this point, so I'll leave them out.)

  • 0.04 BTC (current value 1280) (ath value 1680)
  • 10000 HIVE (current value 1470) (ath value 82000)
  • 1000 STEEM (current value 185) (ath value 8200)
  • 9000 LBC (current value 1035) (ath value 14400)

I'm currently worth under 4000 US Dollars, but if what I'm holding returned to all-time highs, I'd have well over 100 grand worth of crypto!

And that's just the highs from 2017. The highs in 2021 (and beyond) could be significantly higher.

Also, by the time I get there, I'll have earned more crypto to add to those balances. I don't spend my crypto often, preferring to keep my crypto holdings in the crypto world. For now, I've got a few thousand worth of speculative cyber tokens. But who knows, in a year or so, I could have serious wealth to manage.

How about you? What's your ATH crypto net worth at?


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