Saturday Savers Club with @susie-saver | Week 21 - Saturday 21 May 2022 | Bitcoin Pizza Day Challenge | Win EDS for Comments - everyone welcome!

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Hello Everyone,

Yes, it's here! Bitcoin Pizza Day!!!!!! - Prizes!!!!!



Yes, it's here, Bitcoin Pizza Day - Sunday 22 May 2022 - and our special giveaway for posts, comments and pictures of your pizza makes! How to enter:

  • Check the recipe in this post and make your pizza.
  • Enjoy the results.
  • Take a picture or two along the way.
  • Drop a comment with a picture below about your Bitcoin Pizza.
  • For extra fun, make a post all about it and post it in the Breadbakers Community (and link it here).

Here's @akipponn's Soon Bitcoin Pizza Day 2022 post and here's the Pizza I made last year.

Looking forward to all your posts!!!!!

HIVE UK Meetup June 2022

Source The Piece Hall, "a Grade 1 listed Georgian masterpiece and the oldest remaining Georgian cloth hall in the world", one of many amazing things to see in Halifax, where there is a UK HIVE Meet-Up in June 2022 - visit the post for how to book.

New Saturday Savers Club Feature: Discord Chat

Join us for chat about savings and investments:

Ground Rules:

  • The SPI family motto is Get Rich Slowly. This covers EDS and EDSM, the home tokens for the Saturday Savers Club, as well as SPI, LBI and CL. The bottom line is that we are looking for well-researched options which bring a steady income. Good options will have an identifiable and easily accessible team (with emphasis on more than one person involved), a clear plan and use case for the token, and transparency and accountability through regular reporting.
  • Individual members are free (of course they are) to publish guides to tokens under their own account - and any number of members can do that.

LARYNX and RAGNAROK - Have You Claimed Your Airdrops?



The LARYNX airdrop continues for the next nine months - remember to claim each month. Check how to do it in this post. Are you holding or selling your LARYNX? Tell us your plans in the comments below. You can do this automatically using Hivesigner.

Check the RAGNAROK Air Drop in this post.

Build your EDS Stack - NEW MINER COMING

Yes, we've sold out of EDSMs 🤑.
No need to worry, a new one is on its way. Check last week's report for more news.

EDS and EDSM Queries

The quickest way to get any queries about payments resolved is to post a message in the #eddie-earner channel of the SPinvest discord: and tag @silverstackeruk. Most problems that happen are technical bugs and are quickly resolved once we know about them. Housekeeping for @eddie-earner, EDS and EDSM is usually done on Monday UTC.

365 Day Savings Challenge

It's Week 21 on our savings plan and we've added and powered up 9.66 HIVE to @susie-savings wallet - we're up to 100.11 HIVE already plus curation rewards! 🤑

EDS for Comments

We had comments from @justclickindiva, @yeckingo1, @jfang003, @bearmol, @dkid14, @ericburgoyne, @tokutaro22, @phoenixwren, @hoosie, @steem82868, @mypathtofire, @rarej, @cwow2 and @forsakensushi. Everyone went into the Wheel of Names and we have two winners: @justclickindiva and @tokutaro22 - hurrah! check your wallets.

Savings Goals

We've added some more savings goals and savings posts to the table. Leave a comment below with a link if you've done a savings post or settled on your savings goals for this year - it can take a while to decide your aims, so take your time and let us know when you're ready 😍

PS check that I have your goals correctly in the table or if I've missed you

Remember for success - Start Small, Start Today

It can be any day, and it can be any day when you've had a break and want to start again.

  • the best way to build wealth is to save small amounts regularly.

If you know anyone else who is interested in saving, please do tell them about the Saturday Savers Club, we love meeting people, sharing ideas and supporting each other. You'll find all the FAQs in this post and all the information about last year's progress in this post. Write a post to tell your friends and followers about us and drop a link in the comments below!

AccountPrimary GoalSecondary GoalInfo Post
@mypathtofire10,000 HP-
@cwow21,000 HBD-
@hoosie1,000 HP1,000 HBDSavings post
@steem828683,000 HP100 HBDSavings post
@susie-saver667.95 HP-launch post
@yeckingo11,000HPLeo LotteryLeo lottery post
@wolfofnostreet3,000HPHBDsavings post
@ericburgoyne3,000 INDEXHBDgoals post
@jfang003667.95 HBD-savings post
@justclickindiva15,000HP667.95 HBDsavings post
@bearmol2000HP-new savings goal
@missaj5000HP-let us know when you write a post
@tokutaro22384 HBD (computer)-savings post
@phoenixwrenMusic keyboard200 EDSsavings post
@lauramica667.95 HBD (travel fund)-savings post
@dkid1410,000HP-let us know when you write a post
@riandeukSplinterlands 250k50 EDSM50 EDSM achieved!
@blezyn667.95 HBDlocal currency (naira)?let us know when you write a post
@sally-notbright£667.95 (fiat)-let us know when you write a post
@benthomaswwd2,000 LISTNERDS6,000 ALIVESavings post
@dadspardan2,400 HBD-let us know when you write a post
@carlynn1,000 HP677.95 HBDSavings post
@alexvan+365HP-let us know when you write a post
@youyowi667.95 HBDEmergency fund (fiat)Savings post
@heypuch let us know your goal -let us know when you write a post
@omarcitorojas670 HIVE-Savings post
@nitsuga12600 HBD-Savings Post
@forsakensushi500 HP50 EDSM50% savings goals achieved!
@shanibeer65,000 HP50 EDSM50% savings goals achieved!
@rarej70 reputation50 EDSMSavings post
@mikezillo10,000 HP-let us know when you write a post

How's your week been? Did you hit your savings target? Tell us in the comments below!


@eddie-earner content contributed by @silverstackeruk and @shanibeer.
Today's post by @shanibeer writing as @susie-saver.
Many thanks to @raj808 for the banner design 🙂

EDS, @eddie-earner's income token, and EDSMs are part of the SPInvest family including SPI (@spinvest), LBI (@lbi-token), CUBLIFE (@lbi-token) and the @spinvest-leo account. SPInvest Family Motto: Get Rich Slowly.

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Great job adding to your savings.

I made an update this morning. :)

The meet up sounds great.


You changed your goal to 55k HP? 🤑
I'll change next week 😎


The 10k is almost done. :)

Have a lovely rest of the weekend :)


Hello. Hope you're doing good this week. I'll visit your progress report for Week 21.

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Congrats to this weeks 2 winners ! Goals met and surpassed as more folks were selling token for far less than they are worth. I for one are very happy with the bear market as I get good buys on great tokens. When we hit the next bull market I will sell some of those tokens and by a motor home. Some panic sell and I buy .

No I will pass on the pizza promotion for this year maybe next year.

I will be getting my bedding plants ready this weekend I am way behind where I should be so I will try and catch up this weekend.

Have a great week all




next bull market I will sell some of those tokens and by a motor home

Hehe, what a great goal to have. I'll add you to the chart next week!
Yes, it's a busy time of the year in the garden - hope you get everything done.


I am already on the chart but have changed my goals abit since I did that post




Opportunity is knocking in this market so you are buying low and selling high.

A motor home sounds so cool.


Hello @ericburgoyne. Thanks so much. Happy to hear you've met and surpassed them. Yes, good week for picking up some good deals. I did so myself.

Good luck with your planting. Take care.

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PIZZA Holders sent $PIZZA tips in this post's comments:
@dkid14(1/5) tipped @eddie-earner (x1)
ericburgoyne tipped eddie-earner (x1)

Join us in Discord!


Hi, I made good progress again this week - HP annual goal should be met well ahead of target ! My weekly update was posted this morning:

Looking forward to the new EDS miner coming out ! Thanks @hoosie


Great report. Love your idea of converting HBD to Hive to benefit from the lower Hive price


thanks !


Looking good, @hoosie, new miner on its way! 😍


If I make it to the store you are going to see a bitcoin pizza tomorrow. Thanks for the post and update!!



Haha, look forward to seeing your pizza! 😍


Nice, we going for 1000 eds! Tag us in a UK meet up will deffo come!


Good plan @stickupboys 😍

Can you book your place on eventbrite for the meetup, so we know we've got enough butties. Thank you ❤️.

Be lovely to see you.

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Hello @shanibeer @eddie-earner

Congratulations to this week's beneficiaries of tokens @justclickindiva and @tokutaro22

This week I've added a new indicator to my weekend report. My goal is to make 50 comments each week to increase my engagement level.

Here is the link to the report

About the pizza 🍕 post, was wondering if savers can post a pizza they bought (asking for a friend)? Lol 🤣

Looking forward to the new EDS Miners.

In case you missed it here is a recent post in the Minimalist Community

Have a great week.



@bearmol, what is your friend like? They've had three weeks to get ready! 😂

How's the commenting going? Are you having fun? 😍

8 mo (edited)

Lol. Admittedly my friend is a bit of a procastinator. 🤣

Yeah it's been great getting back to communicating and getting my engagement on.

You must be pretty busy organising the UK linkup.


Congratulations to the winners and I have been saving up HBD so I think I will be able to make my monthly add on time at the start of the June.

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That's great news 😍


Thank you so much for the award, my EDS tenure continues to grow.
This week is still hard with just 1.92 HBD saved. I think next week will be better and I also trust that the market will improve. In any case, the coffee maker still holds, so patience and perseverance.


It has been a tough week. We just need to keep going 😍

8 mo

My goal is right on track! Looking forward to the new miner!


Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day, and congrats to the winners!
If I make any pizza today, it will be a bagel pizza, as I do not have the spoons to make a proper recipe most days.


My doctor said he could help me stop dreaming of cows playing football
I asked him to wait till after finals.

Credit: adedayoolumide
@eddie-earner, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @phoenixwren
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Dear @eddie-earner, thanks for the mention about @hive.autoclaim for LARYNX.

BTW, may I ask you to support the HiveBuzz proposal so our team can continue its work?
You can do it on Peakd, ecency, or using HiveSigner

Thank you!

8 mo (edited)

I'm taking the motto for success - Start Small, Start Today to heart and have sent my first 0.01 hive to savings today. I also put my first £0.01p into a pot at home, so am doubly motivated to get my savings going. Thanks for the inspiration!


Welcome @stevermac1966 😍,

A good start, look forward to seeing your progress!


Hello all Saturday Savers Club members. Hope you're having a good week so far. I'm a bit late mid-week with my Saturday report. Had company last weekend, so you know how that goes!

Here's my progress report for Week 21 from last night:

Thanks @shanibeer for the prize for my Wheel of Names spin win. Also, congratulations @tokutaro22 for winning also.

Happy to hear the EDSM have sold out. That means the new mini's will be coming soon. Can't wait. And I'm still on the side of offering them at the lowest price to satisfy my psychological mindset that I can purchase more in a one-time transaction.

Even though the markets were down last two weeks, my savings and investments held steady. My weekly content creation is allowing me to keep on pace with the SSC Savings Chart. I was able to transfer 9.66 HBD to savings.

Take care everyone.


Hello @justclickindiva, good to see you.

Good to see you, hope you enjoyed your weekend 😍.

Sounds like a good week in spite of the markets!