Hive Ecosystem Infographic - Looking for Feedback from the Community - Part 2

Hey Hivers, We thank everyone for the great feedback on the Hive Ecosystem Infographic. @Enriqu

New Basketball Tribe on Hive | My story with Basketball

Hey everyone! Today I have some good news and a story to tell. A few days ago, I was browsing through 3Speak as usual, and I found a very…

Dunk Social Is LIVE: Launch Details CLAIMDROP #1

I am proud to announce that @dunksocial is officially live! will be helping basketball fans around the world create value by…

¿Estás diciendo que existe un multiverso?

Lamento decepcionarlos, pero no hablaré sobre Spiderman, Marvel, o sobre Comics en esta publicación. Si

HPUD Junio 2021

Saludos Hivers, Estuve a punto de participar en el Hive Power Up de este mes. Decidí hacer un power up pequeño a comparación de otros mese

Newbies Initiative Extra Task - Prepare for Hive Power Up Day! [ENG-SPA]


Resumen de la Clase - Frontends y Dapps de Hive

▶️ Watch on 3Speak El día de hoy tuve la oportunidad de compartir con alguno

Master Class : What is Hive? & Account Security with @eddiespino Today ⏰ 2pm (Mex) - 3pm (Vzla) [ESP/ENG] || Adopt a Plankton.

Ven a aprender Hive desde 0

Aliento.LEO Update | Alliance with Erarium & Buying/Staking LEO Again!

It's been almost four months since I started the @aliento.leo project, a curation project similar to @aliento but for LeoFinance. Since…

Power Up Day | Final Task & Closing Words for April's Newbies Initiative [ENG-SPA]


Newbies Initiative Task - Trade HBD to HIVE Tutorial & Find Ways to Exchange Crypto to Fiat


¡Llegamos a 20,000 HivePower! - We've reached 20K HP!

Hace unos días compartí en un Tweet que estábamos muy cerca de llegar a los 20K HivePower y que antes de que terminara Abril lo íbamos a…

Looking for Feedback and Recommendations for Aliento

My project called @aliento is growing at a good pace, but I still think that I can improve it to grow even faster. In this post, I'm going…

Project Update | Thanks to @enrique89 for the Delegation Bot & +20% APR to Delegators this Week!

Yo! @eddiespino from the @aliento Project here. I'm so happy because we finally have a transfer bot for the delegators, and from now on…

Presenting the Newbies for the month of April - Newbies Initiative


Powering Up $HIVE to Aliento - HPUD

Hey Hivers, LeoFinancers (Is that even a word?) and community in general! Today I'm thrilled because the HPUD has arrived, and I've…

How Cub Finance helped me pay my credit card in full

I invite you to read my story of becoming debt-free thanks to LeoFinance, HIVE, and especially Cub Finance. I will share some context…

My Experience in Cub Finance

Hey, @eddiespino from the @aliento project here! It's been a crazy couple of days! I was very excited about the launch of Cub…

How To Invest In Cub Finance - Tutorial [ESP|ENG]

Hola, este tutorial del día de hoy es nivel avanzando, se explican los pasos netamente important

March 1st! Hive Power UP Day! - Reaching 15K HivePower!

I'm doing my power-up until now because I was waiting for a payment that I will receive today or tomorrow. I don't want to miss the…