More on Swarm Intelligence: The TikTok Effect & "Trusting Science"

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So apparently bees do some kind of vibration dance to come up with Hivemind decisions (like where to seed a new home). Their decisions are surprisingly accurate, to the point of being able to outwit super computers. Perhaps we could learn a lot from biological colonies like bees and ants.

Something is stirring in humanity...

Now obviously the conspiracy theorists are going nuts as always, especially during times like this. Say what you want about Q-Anon and whatever else, but the prevalent message is clear: stop blindly trusting authority. And that's a message I can get behind pretty easily. The people in charge lie whenever it suits them, and they never hold themselves to the same standards as those who they lord over.

Trust Science! (doublespeak)

It's weird how the phrase "trust science" has been politicized by the left. Why would anyone need to trust science? Isn't the point of science is that anyone can replicate the experiments and everything should be peer reviewed and validated in a decentralized manner across the globe?

Democrats think Republicans are simply idiots (dare I say COVidiots) for not trusting science, but it goes so much deeper than that. Republicans know they're being lied to, and some of them just make up crazy shit as the answer. Democrats think because Republicans are wrong that means they are right. Dems think these issues are binary (how ironic).


You're both wrong.

It becomes clear that "Trust Science" doesn't mean "Trust Science". It means trust authority. This is obvious doublespeak. Anyone telling anyone to "Trust Science" is not running experiments themselves and validating it locally or doing their own research. They are simply believing what they are told and telling others to do the same or else they're fucking morons.



All I did was type "trust science" into Google and around 25% of the memes called people morons if they don't believe.

  • That is not constructive.
  • That is not building bridges or extending olive branches.
  • That is not changing anyone's mind.
  • It is frustration.
  • It is an echo-chamber.
  • It is propaganda.

Insulting the intelligence of the people who don't believe what you believe is a completely divisive and counter-productive activity. Yet this is an activity that is completely fostered from the top-down as acceptable behavior. Conclusion: the people in charge want everyone fighting against each other and arguing about what the truth is rather than running science experiments themselves.

This is genius and Nobel Prize winner Kary Mullis.

He invented the PCR test used to diagnose Covid-19 among other things. The problem? Kary Mullis claims you can't use PCR for these kinds of tests, and that Fauci is a fraud who is more of an administrative figurehead than an actual scientist. Trust science indeed...

I still need to finish watching this, but seriously if even 10% of the shit the @corbettreport says is true, then that's fucking mind-blowing stuff. However, scroll to minute 19:00 so see actual video of Kary Mullis saying this stuff. Trust science? Hm.

There are very few molecules that you don't have at least one single one of in your body.

So when the PCR test amplifies genetic material exponentially you theoretically could get a positive result for anything, especially if the cycle count is high. IIRC each cycle doubles the material and COVID tests often do 40 cycles or something like that.

Regardless, if you don't believe that PCR tests are a valid means of detecting COVID you are a fucking moron and you should be canceled. Even though the Nobel Prize winning inventor of the device says otherwise.

To top off that shit-sandwich, everyone is running around saying a false-positive test is impossible, so anyone who tests positive clearly has the disease and they are just "asymptomatic". Seriously though?

These guys like Fauci get up there and start talking... you know he doesn't know anything... really about anything... and I'd say that to his face [looks at camera like he's ready to fight]... NOTHING! The man thinks you can take a blood sample and stick it in an electron microscope and if it's [chuckling] got a virus in their you'll know it. He doesn't understand electron microscopy, and he doesn't understand medicine. He should not be in a position like he's in. Most of those guys up there on the top are just total administrative people and they don't know anything about what's going on, on the bottom. Those guys have got an agenda...
--- Kary Kullis
Date of death age 74: August 7, 2019

Crazy stuff.

This is just one tiny example when digging deeper on the "trust science" debate. It clearly doesn't mean to trust and employ the scientific method; simply trust that their are scientists working on this and they have no reason to lie. Why would they lie? They wouldn't! And if you disagree you are a fucking idiot!


This poster hangs within arms reach of me when I'm lying in bed. These are all good messages, yeah? Hard to disagree with them. However, how do you define what "real news" is? Once your enemies know that you "trust women" aren't they going to use that trust against you? We see "believe in science" is up there... we already went over that...

The point is that good intentions can easily be manipulated by the sociopaths. For example, there is a history of not trusting women when they claim sexual misconduct is going on, and in addition to that, sexual misconduct and harassment are rampant in all aspects of life.

Science experiment:

Make a catfish account as an attractive woman on any dating site and see for yourself. Men are disgusting. Fun little science experiment for you. I've done it: It is horrifying and mind boggling. This is why we can't have nice things.


Cancel Culture

This is the core of the problem. This is the weapon the sociopaths use. Rather than employ forgiveness, justice, and move on from the issue after correcting it with LOVE, the exact opposite thing is done. Those who are accused are simply punished and canceled out of revenge, sometimes with very little evidence.

You don't need evidence, remember? Trust Women!

So now "Trust Women" has been doublespeak warped into:

Punish the accused without evidence.

What many don't seem to understand is that you can correct a problem without brutally inflicting damage on the person that fucked up. But oh, sweet revenge feels so good, so we justify the hate and the fishtail reaction to the offense. The vast majority of the population does not understand the difference between justice and revenge. We absolutely do not have a judicial system. We have a system of revenge.

So what is the difference between Justice and Revenge?
  • At the core of Justice is prevention, repentance, and rehabilitation
  • At the core of Revenge is inflicting damage on offenders.

It becomes quite obvious with the most cursory of glances that what we have is not justice. Recidivism rates are offensively high and rehabilitation is near impossible when employers will not hire felons. The entire system is designed to punish, not actually make the world a better place. It ironically does exactly the opposite, and most people celebrate the punishment in some of the most disgusting and hypocritical ways possible.

This hate and need to punish others, that is so clearly fostered and downright celebrated in most cultures, is nothing but a sign of weakness and counterproductivity.

As men, we are taught that anger, rage, and punishing those that wrong us is what makes us strong. False. Full stop.

Insert religious rant:

It blows my mind to know that, as an atheist, I'm a better Christian than the vast majority of Christians. I know the lore. I get the metaphors. I employ forgiveness.

Meanwhile, actual Christians think they get to do whatever they want and they just have to ask for forgiveness later and they are all good. People use going to church as upkeep on their immortal soul and use that to justify whatever shitty action they want. It is disgusting.


Back to Trust: This is a scaling issue.

The question becomes: how can we find the truth when all the data has been corrupted and those that used to be perceived as trusted sources of information have revealed time and time again that they are clearly not? This is the ultimate problem, and the solution is far from trivial.

Clearly, I believe the answer lies in cryptocurrency, self-governance, decentralization, and a big step away from legacy systems. Swarm intelligence is a big part of that. If two heads are better than one, swarm intel shows us that thousands of people working together and each providing a tiny bit of value can synergize into massive results via network-effect.

Again, this is a scaling issue. Humanity has proven time and time again as we attempt to scale up to large groups to achieve massive goals we have a tendency to fall on our faces. Bees and Ants would be disappointed and laugh in our stupid human faces if they could see us tripping over ourselves constantly. They are so much better at scaling up than we are. Pretty funny when you think about it.

Think of the powerhouses that would be created given a system of MILLIONS of people working together and able to trust one another. Now think billions. This is a possible future that we could see in our lifetimes, and should obviously strive for. Rather than leaders becoming corrupted by absolute power and siphoning all value to their small tribe due to tribalism, value can instead be distributed properly to the entire community through the ideals of the greater good.

Bottom line: when we put people in charge, the system will fail.

We need systems that govern themselves.
We need swarm solutions.


Greed is humanity's ultimate enemy.

That's really all it boils down to: greed. The people who gain power tend to consolidate that power and corrupt its purpose. The ability for humanity to solve that problem is the ultimate scaling solution.


It's easy to identify these problems, but that doesn't stop people from thinking they are so smart for having clear vision in a sea of humans being blinded by the data economy and the profitability of manipulating truth. Everything is relative. Those who are "woke" look at the people around them who aren't and place themselves on a pedestal. Oh wow, good for you! Aren't you a special snowflake!

We don't need people running around identifying problems; we need solutions. Again, I believe the answers lie in decentralization, cryptocurrency, and collective swarm intelligence from the community itself.

I've been seeing some weird things lately.

Some really... really weird things. Evolution is explosive and rapid and is triggered by explosive and rapid change. Evolve or die. Humanity is running full speed at a cliff, and if we don't grow some damn wings quick, we're about to get wrecked. The weird thing? It looks like humanity might actually be sprouting wings, and it's the damnedest thing I've ever seen.

@caitlinjohnstone sees it too...

Our ecocidal, warmongering tendencies have brought us to a point that now has us staring down the barrel of our own extinction, and that is where we are surely headed if we continue patterning along the behavioral trajectory that we have been on. Only a drastic change of patterns can change that trajectory. And we are seeing a change of patterns.

Of course that quote was from October 2019, so if you look at her more recent posts it's more like what I've been writing: Everything looks pretty fucked!

The Boot Is Coming Down Hard And Fast

Obviously the Patriot Act 2.0 is going to be rolled out ASAP under the Biden Administration, and it is not going to be pretty. Amazing how the left will continue to support this nonsense until it's way too late. They love the power they are being granted over the right. Power corrupts, once again.

jacksparrowcan do cant do.jpg

So why am I optimistic?

Various strange reasons. Crypto being a big one. But you'll notice I tagged TikTok in the title of this post. Why is that?

Well, I'm not a TikTok user, even though they are clearly my people. A social media site of 60 second videos? It's like the ADHD version of Twitter. Hilarious!

In any case I've been seeing super weird examples of Swarm Intelligence popping up on TikTok. Turns out all that doomscrolling my girlfriend was doing actually exposed me to something I was not expecting!

Sea Shanty TikTok!!!1

Yep! This is the weirdest damn thing I have ever seen, hands down. People getting together to sing pirate songs in harmony on TikTok? That is fuckin' lit, fam! LOL!

Okay, so it's not impressive that TikTok did this: It's impressive HOW it came about. This content was produced unsolicited... meaning the guy who started it didn't ask anyone to join in... people just started adding to it on their own. There are like a hundred different versions now. Very weird example of network effect.

Can you see the relation to crypto? This is an example of people doing a bunch of inefficient work just like redundant storage across decentralized ledgers. Hundreds of versions of a single song were produced. The total work-hours put in were high, much higher than the acceptable limit of paid work at a corporation, but yet this content was produced free of charge, and it was paid nothing. People just did it for fun, and the end result was impressive.

Now obviously you can't stop tyranny by getting together and singing a song (or can you!?) but I think this really shows how people can come together using network-effect and create content that was completely unpredictable and very surprising using decentralized mechanics.

But wait, there's more...

Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical

Yep, there's a Ratatouile TikTok musical.
Pretty crazy if you ask me.

What is going on here?

I don't... know...
Classic case of being bored during lockdown?

The point is that people are coming together via emergent network-effect and creating content that's a lot higher quality than any one person could do themselves... and they are basically doing it for free. Can you imagine what it would be like if these kinds of systems were monetized with crypto?

This is exactly the kinds of reasons why the establishment won't even try to stop these things from happening. When people are passionate about a project they are willing to work a lot harder for a lot less money and pump out a product that's way more valuable. Sounds like dollar signs to me. If there's one thing that the elite loves it's more money.


Expect the weirdness to continue on exponentially.

There are some seriously hard times on the horizon. Massive sweeping changes are coming as this New Normal and Great Reset chug along. How society will respond is completely unknown at this point. They are trying to keep us divided and conquered. Will they succeed, or will something completely unpredictable happen as an explosion of network-effect, disruption, and value sweep across the Internet? This earthquake is the real deal.

With great change comes fast evolution

This is not just singing songs and making musicals. Social media has already been used in places like Egypt to warn people of the location of say a hostile sniper for example. These networked-connections and unintended uses are only going to increase exponentially during the coming years. We are living through history.

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