Match Your Punk.. Punks on Hive! Challenge and a Free Punk Prize.

Hey Everyone! This is my 4th post in a row on Punks, and I promise to get back to other topics soon, but part of NFTs are keeping people…

Punks have come to Hive!

The last few weeks I have been working on Punks on Hive for HiveFest. I am really excited to announce Punks On Hive to everyone.…

My BSC wallet was hacked and all my assets were stolen: Coping, Security and an expensive lesson

Every time I experience a challenge in life, my mum always tells me that it's just the universe trying to harden me for the next phase of…

An Intro To WonderLand On Avalanche 📈 Olympus DAO Fork 73,000%+ APY

Olympus DAO's success has spawned many forks/clones on various networks, but the one leading the pack is Wonderland with its TIME token.

I reached Champion III and am SPS obsessed

In case you have been living under a rock, I would like to inform you about the meteoric rise of Splinterlands. You know the spell Meteor…
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What NFTs could mean for the Entertainment Industry

It has been hard for me to post on Hive of late. I am not sure what the reasons are but I definitely feel a lot of attraction to this…

Downvoting, a tough call to make

Hive is a curious beast. I find it strange that one should be worried about short form content by fear of milking the reward pool. How…

My DeFi Journey, an update

Hello everyone, I’m here to give you a little update on my DeFi journey on the BSC. First off, let’s be clear, while new farms attract…

$Rune bounced off $9. Still extremely underpriced, still extremely bullish

I dipped my toes into Polkadot and Thorchain a couple of months ago, while I think both are quite awesome projects, the amount of i

My top 5 DeFi Yield Farms

This is a cross post of @edouard/4mp613d2jdy by @edouard.Go Cubs go! (huh, t'would make a great sports team name...)
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My top 5 DeFi Yield Farms

Hello wonderful Lions it is such a pleasure to share some DeFi content with you all. Yesterday I was taken aback by all the blood on the…

Cub Madness and Diamond Paws

This alt season is very different from that of 2017. It is more about fundamentals and less driven by speculative madness, although this…

Me, reflecting on Hive, a year ago

I am so thrilled at the potential of Hive is manifesting through auspicious financial value il large part due to Huobi's adoption of our…

See All Your CUB Investments At One Place, In Seconds [APP INSIDE]

CubFinance has taken over the Leo Community completely, it's like every second post on the trending page is about the same. Well, this one…
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Mishmash Diaries, Women's Day

Hello everyone, today, I would like to experiment with a new format. It may resemble some of my previous blogs but in preparation for…

Hive, NFTs and Pancake Bunny

▶️ Watch on 3Speak In this wonderful video full of pep and joy, I explain some things drawing me to the Blockchain

Tutorial: Pooling USDT on Binance Smart Chain for CAKE and BUNNY Rewards

Step 1: Set up MetaMask for Binance Smart Chain (BSC) This tutorial is going to assume you are using MetaMask and already have it set up…
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BNB Price Shoots Up Above 300$ | Here Are The Top 5 DeFi Staking Apps On BSC

In an explosive manner the BNB price reached 300$ at the moment of writing this. The main reason is the Binance Smart Chain! DeFi on BSC…

Becoming Poorer Through Massive Corperate Expansion: The Real Money Victims In Nigeria Businesses

▶️ Watch on 3Speak A lot of people do not have more than one means of income and one of the most ignored reason for this i
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Things keeping me busy

Hello everyone, today I would like to explore the wide variety of interests which have been keeping me busy. Since the new year, it has…