my first participation in hive power up day HPUD (+20hp)

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Hello Hive friends! Happy Hive Power Up Day! I am glad to be part of July HPUD I had received the notification about the HPUD of the previous month but did not clearly understand what it was all about not to talk of how to engage in the experience.

wow this may be small but very significant to me on my hive journey, today i was able to power up about (+20hp) and briefly am going to show you how l did it in a short while.


I logged into the hive wallet and good enough i had earn some liquid HB, so l had to power it up to help me participate in governance and other accorded benefit. you can see on this screenshot above, l clicked on the balance hive and the amount showed up so l clicked on the power up key, then ok to effect the transaction.

thanks so much for your time love you......... smiles...........

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