Power of Truth Album Cassette USBs - Completed & OTW - Full Article, Video, & Plethora of Photos

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Welcome to the Truth-Hop Music Movement Arena !

Dumping into Hive, Early BTC Story-2013, the Shine of Hive's Future, & Wisdom Requirements 4 Wealth

▶️ Watch on 3Speak I just finished dumping all my ADA into Hive In to

ALL TIME HIGHS - ALL HIGH TIMES Canna-Celebration - Happy Hive Top 100 Danskgiving !!

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The Hive "Token Rush"

We are in the midst of the initiation of a mad scramble for Hive Engine Tokens to secure our positions and passive income in projects that…

My 2 Cents in Crypto - Volume 1: Haven, Hive, Splinterlands, & BTC

▶️ Watch on 3Speak DON'T BE GREEDY!! In today's video, I explain the

Introducing a Star to the Hive community (he's actually been here for quite a while - people just didn't notice) - and various other thoughts

Hello beautiful humans! Today I'd like to start off by introducing you to someone that I feel honored to call a friend. Someone who…
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1UP - A New HIVE Outpost For PlayToEarn Blockchain Games And NFT Assets

A new Hive-Engine token has been created, called ONEUP. It powers a new outpost community called 1UP, which is dedicated to the blockchain…

WARNING: Do not use @reward.app for Splinterlands posts, you will lose 100% of your SPT rewards

For those of you who don't know, @reward.app is a pretty cool little servi

Album Art Contest Update - Extended Entry, Additional Prizes, Every Entry Wins

Album Art Contest Comic Book with ALL Entries I have decided to include every entry in this contest in a comic book style flip art…

Daily Pack Opening & Giveaway, Ep. 6 - 3x DICE Packs! 500 Hive AND 500 HSBI Art Contest!! Who Won the Lorna Shine?!


Cosmic Hip Hop Showcase - First Concert Sponsored by Hive? (HUGE Success)

Hello beautiful humans! Last night was an absolutely mind-blowing show! Over 6

No, the FBI did not "hack" Bitcoin

So, Colonial Pipeline had some "ransomware," sent millions of dollars in BITCOIN (a com

Correction = Collection - Don't Give in to Market Puppeteering

The excessively wealthy have devised an arsenal of ruthless equations designed to scare you (and everyone else) away from and out of…

Brief Intro Video for Lethean - Private Crypto AND Decentralized VPN?!

As many of you know, privacy coins are pretty much my [favorite](

Atomic Swaps Are Live on Monero - "The Flippening" in Reality

The Flippening???!!! But not with ETH [Image Source](

Lethean - Privacy Coin with a Decentralized VPN Marketplace

Lethean (LTHN) is a cryptocurrency based on CryptoNote technology, similar to the more well-known M

My Doge Story - & the Elon Musk Mask

Why We Dumped Doge on the Initial Spike Doge

LibertyX BTC ATMs are LEGIT! - How to Buy Privately During the Dip

I recently published an article about how Coin Cloud BTC ATMs are bunk , and am now following up on the antithesis of that with…

Coin Cloud BTC ATMs Are Bunk

At Least in Portland Anyway Often times when wanting to buy into crypto during a dip at the opportune t

Intuitive Crypto Practice Round 1 - ELAmental's Top Cryp-Pics LOG - Invest in Your Future... Privately

I have recently been implementing an intuitive practice to find the right cryptos to invest in. After meditative practice draws one in, I…