My attempt to review a program that gives you a few Sterlings!

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Hello Buzzy Bees!

I've been walking around in circles mentally in how to expose these kinds of posts because I don't want to sound pitchy or whatever but then again this program doesn't even have at the moment a referral link like when I started on it a few years ago.

So this is kind of a review. Probably was made by others here in HiveSphere but I do believe is a nice source of extra money to buy Hive for example! Or any other Crypto!
Prolific is a crowdsourcing platform created in 2014 from the UK where big academic identities gather high-quality online data through trusted niches or representative samples on-demand, while the selected participants earn money by taking part in engaging research and help improve human knowledge.

So basically you participate in studies and get paid for it!

Comparing to other pay-to-do surveys platforms, this probably the best in terms of quality studies, as well as well-paid.

I signed up in 2017 through a blog post from another person who made a review about it and I can say it was and still is the best place to get a few extra £'s!

Yep, you get paid in pounds, which means more euros for me and even more dollars for some of you!

Even though I've been away from it for a while, I got back to it a few months ago and still didn't disappoint.

Screenshot (61).png

The only thing I could think it's an issue is, and @jongolson cover your eyes, you can only cash out through Paypal...

But! If I read it right somewhere, you can buy crypto on Coinbase using Paypal so, you might get the opportunity to really buy some HIVE with your earnings!

I personally use the money on Paypal for some subscriptions that still use it, instead of paying from my own debit card.

Screenshot (62).png

Signing up is straightforward and the thing that can take some time is in answering all the questions in the "About you" section.

Screenshot (63).png

It is important that you complete it so you can get as many studies and related to you as possible.

Some studies can take 5 minutes or up to an hour or so, but the longer they are the more you earn.

And the longest ones are tricky because sometimes they have fewer numbers of participants so you need to pay close attention to the Studies section as they will automatically show up and you can easily miss them.

Screenshot (64).png

I normally keep the tab open and check any now and then so I can quickly grab the studies. They sometimes send you an email notifying the study but you can also miss it easily that way.

So a few tips to use Prolific:

  • Complete the "About You" section. Stay true to yourself and answer the questions accordingly. These are important studies and should be treated with trusted data. Keep checking it every now and then as they sometimes add new questions. Always keep it 100% complete.
  • Respect the studies by answering as instructed and the best and trustful you can.
  • It might show up studies that you don't have experience or don't know anything about it. The other day I got one study about mothers with autistic children. I had to pass it.
  • If you can, keep the tab open so you can get notified quicker.

There was a time that this had a referral link but I think you can still participate and earn anyway, except getting the extra commission. But how much they pay can compensate for that.

So this is a review for a legit program that can earn you money. Is not a big sum but much better than many other platforms like so.

Click here to check it yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this reading and that you can earn an extra from it!




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