URGENT: Apple users must do this ASAP

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Gm gn fam! Hope you having a terrific week start.

This urgent call respond to a public warn the number one wallet Metamask has made in their official twitter:

If you have enabled iCloud backup for app data, this will include your password-encrypted MetaMask vault. If your password isn’t strong enough, and someone phishes your iCloud credentials, this can mean stolen funds.

Source: Metamask Twitter.

The warn comes a little bit late, as past week, many Apple users reported their wallets been entirely dried up, after allegedly, having their seed phrases automatically stored in iCloud servers.

These affirmations made by some frustrated users raised fears and red flags among members of the community, as such information (many times only written in paper to precisely avoid it being stored in any network) should NOT be collected by Apple, and much worse, without our explicit consent, and knowledge.

Imagine having a million USDT in ETH or any other currency, and just having to trust the key to your assets vault to the Apple company, and each unknown employee they have (not entirely like it, but just try to do an imaginative effort) and without your consent. Crazy stuff.

Metamask has openly admitted this is actually happening, and only gave a vague set of instructions (2 TW thread) to prevent automatic backups being made:

1. Go to Settings

2. Tap "Profile"

3. Chose "iCloud" and then "Manage Storage"

4. In "Backups" turn off the option.

5. Then go to Settings again, and select "Apple ID/iCloud"

6. iCloud

7. iCloud Backup and turn it off too.

With these simple 7 steps you're preventing for any future backup of your wallet information without your consent (not clear if the seed phrase is or is not being stored also).

Sadly for some users, they got to realize this after loosing lots of money.

Last but not least...

Please stay safe. Never share your seed phrase. Avoid clicking/tapping on links of unknown proceeding, and remember:

Admins will never DM you first!!

Thanks again for reading, and share to spread the word among us all.

- EvM

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This is great information! Thanks for sharing! Turning it off now


Great. I think is for the best, and as @hivehustlers said below:

It is the safest way to go.

Bless. !PIZZA

- EvM


I worked for Apple for about 8 years and used to support iCloud. It is really hard to get into unless you are just stupid and give away your iCloud information. Even Apple doesn't have access to the information that is in iCloud.

But I will say that this is a vulnerability and even used to tell my customers in support calls and appointment, it's best to back up your mobile device to a computer. It is the safest way to go.

Same with photos. Especially since now Apple is scanning photos for supposed child abuse, but it's the fact they are scanning. Stop using cloud services like that and get back to your own physical storage!


Thanks for the insight!

Yeah, I called it an "imaginative effort" precisely because we do know employees does (are) not (supossed to) have access to cloud services, in any IOT company, but we gotta admit, where there's a system, there's a possibility to a breach.

I do thank you for your honesty, and let's hope next vulnerabilities are discovered way before than people getting hurt.

!PIZZA and blessings for you.

- EvM

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