Bringing liquidity to SEED holders: Diesel Pool created + yield farming rewards coming soon.

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Hello everyone,

As the title suggests, I've created a Diesel Pool for SEED to improve ('dramatically') the liquidity of the token.

The pairing is done with HIVE (swap.hive) and it's already available on Tribaldex and Beeswap.


For those who don't know, a diesel pool is a type of 'Uniswap pool' running on Hive-Engine. If you used Uniswap or Pancake before probably won't have any problems using it. Whatever the case, I don't want to extend myself explaining how these things work, DYOR.

If you want a quick guide for diesel pools I recommend using the BeeSwap interface and following the guide written by @ecoinstant here. Upvote him, please.

Some Relevant Information:

I still consider the pool in 'testing' as the liquidity pooled is still far from optimal. Please be cautious when swapping.

In case you wonder, the initial liquidity for this pool is coming from my own pocket (my own HIVE + SEED), not minting anything new for the creation of this pool.

Initial Liquidity: 6000$ (5K HIVE + 2400 SEED) Check 'update 1 below'

*Fixed: ~12.000K$ (10.000 HIVE + 5000 SEED)

I'll probably be adding some more liquidity soon, you don't have any incentive to do so (yet), as Diesel pools don't have LP fees (in uni you pay 0,3% to LP's).

However, I'll be introducing Yield farming soon® ...

Yield farming? Tell me more.

As Liquidity providers don't have incentives to add their tokens into diesel pools, as a project owner you're (almost) forced to incentivize that pool if you want it to ever receiver any meaningful liquidity.

I have a few ideas and nothing is set in stone yet, but an idea is clear:


That means you'll soon be able to receive 'staking rewards' for your SEED, without diluting your % of the ownership of the whole pool.

EDIT: Well, not counting Impermanent Loss, but this should be softened with the yield farming rewards.

I still have to research a bit more deeply the matter (working a couple of different models for yearly APRs and all that stuff), but yield farming rewards will be coming in less than a week (7 days or less since the publication of this post).

Any changes to this timeline (not planning to btw) will be announced (so yes, don't expect an announcement, THIS IS THE ANNOUNCEMENT of the feature going live in a few days).

defseedprotect 1.png

Killing 2 birds with one stone

Introducing a pool for SEED gives us an additional benefit; and as stated from the roadmap:

-At this phase, everyone will be able to get out with a 0% penalty (yeah, it's called 'testing phase' for a reason).
-That means If you don't feel comfortable with my management or for whatever reason you need to get out you'll be able to do so at cost 0. (I'll keep the APR% generated by the HBD).
-That means that I'll return to you HBD at a 1:1 ratio in case you decide to get out.

Nobody asked for a refund yet, but since liquidity in Hive Engine is very weak, we need that pool.
In such a way, anyone will be able to get out of SEED in a permissionless way (no need to contact me, ask for a refund... etc) and with a fairer market price.

Only advantages. So let's go for it :)

Update 1:

Seems that I broke something (testing things, you know), and broke the pool.

Basically tried to withdraw all the liquidity and pool it again and for some reason an small amount of seed (without hive) remained in the pool. Now it's impossible to add liquidity (since seed price is infinite vs hive in the pool)

Jeez, this is hilarious. I'm already asking at H-E support.


Worst case scenario is to pay again 1000 BEE to create another pool?. @ecoinstant I'm tagging you since I saw you helping out in the supp channel. Also @aggroed (just in case).


this is fine.gif

Update 2

Liquidity problems fixed. thx HE support! 12K$ liquidity added.

100% of blogging rewards paid to @seed-treasury.

Remember you can follow the portfolio in real-time here:

You can join us on Telegram and follow me on Twitter.


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