Market Watch: The Real Test of Your Belief

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Now I usually don't watch, nor pay attention to the crypto markets very often. However today I did observe that Bitcoin had fallen well below $16k as we continue to receive blowback from the FTX fallout. It made me wonder just how low we'd likely get from this event and just how complicated things can become should it persevere.

We are no strangers to the bear market as crypto investors, but even this year is unique in terms of market activity. Bear markets caused by project failures and exchange collapse is not something that has occurred before, and when you factor in the shady underbelly of their failures by actors within the space then it doesn't call for much confidence.

The nature of crypto is such that all major projects have a common linkage for the now, and from the eye of the average investor, failure in one form of crypto translates to failure on the entire chain. It is why sentimental investors will be sent scrambling for exits at every major blow back. There is little in terms of intervention that could be done about this now, but what we can do is keep highlighting the difference in projects till only the good ones are left standing.

As previously stated, things may get much worse than they currently stand from present position. We might see other projects collapse in a short amount of time, and the woes of multiple collapse might send the space into a frenzy. That will be interesting, as it would be all the leverage that crypto naysayers have been waiting for and we'd enter a period of real uncertainty, with a depression that may last for quite some time.

Obviously no one wants such a scenario to play out, but it is important to as 'how soon' with matters concerning the space. Projects that lack good fundamentals or intentions will likely collapse sooner or later. We might postpone the evil day when the good times roll but soon it shows when they roll over. Am just wondering if it might not be better to have all these challenges now and face the consequences.

My theory is that we'll likely emerge stronger than ever, even though we might stay down for a sustained period. A boom period in the cryptoverse might be good for a number of reasons, but it also largely distracts people and takes their eyes away from the prize, being what the Blockchain could offer itself. Challenges could offer a development pathway that we probably would never have explored otherwise.


Things may or may not get much worse. If they do it will be interesting to observe though. No amount of motivation prepares one for the cold winter that is a crypto bear uncertainty. The only things that keeps us going is a belief, and for me that's a belief in the fundamentals.

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We just stick with doing the basics and will benefit immensely over the coming years. Lets hope it does go down some more so we all know we have hit the bottom and no second guessing.


lol...If it does go down then it'll mean more Hive to be earned so am good
either way