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It's been almost a month since CUB DeFi was launched and it's part of our every day life. For me it's been a nice experience and a profitable one, no regrets so far.

The past few weeks were everything but boring, the price of everything went crazy, starting from BNB to CUB just in a different way. BNB reached its ATH and went from $232 to $414 (10 hours ago). CUB had a very different direction, dropping from its ATH to as low as $1.87 on March 24. Unfortunately I have no idea what was CUB's ATH, because Coinmarketap is showing the price since the moment of listing but that's not the real ATH. I believe it was somewhere around $14 or so.

Well, that is the past, we live in the present and want to see in the future, or at least anticipate it as it's crucial. Being in the right place at the right time with the right plan and resources can make you rich.

A bull run is just around the corner and will change things big time. Depending on what farm you are in, you need a strategy and need to watch the market.


These are the farms with the highest APR at the moment and most likely the most used.

bLEO - BNB LP will be affected for sure. So far BNB going up has benefited the farm as we're getting more bLEO at the moment. I don't know what's going to happen to BNB during the bull run, had a nice evolution already but it can go up more. Everything is possible.

CUB - BNB LP also had a nice evolution as BNB went up and CUB down. I'm not in that pool, so I can't tell anything about what's happening there, but since BNB went up and CUB down, I don't think farmers have reason to complain. The high APR, 356.26% can also count in calculation.

CUB - BUSD LP on the other hand is a totally different story. BUSD is a stable coin, which means BUSD will remain the same, no stress there. The only factor that can determine your gain or loss is CUB, that can go in any possible direction in the upcoming future.

After the big fall, many have anticipated that it will bottom at around $2. Then it started to go up gain, up and down and right now it's at $3.029. The key of this farm is the price of CUB when you enter the pool. If you enter when CUB is at its lowest and from there on CUB goes up, you lose. You'll get less CUB and more BUSD. Many think if CUB is at it's lowest, that's a good thing as you need less BUSD to enter the pool, which is true for that particular time. The problem starts when CUB goes up. So it's better to enter the pool when CUB is up and exit when CUB is the lowest. Easier said than done, right? Tell me about it.

CUB den is the safest, the only stress there is if the APR is dropping, which is possible as the more CUB enters the pool, the less the APR, but compared to what you can get from banks, this is already way better. If you want to take no risk, then den is for you.

As soon as CUB starts to go up I'm moving out of CUB - BUSD LP as at some point it's not going to be profitable for me anymore. bLEO - BNB LP is a big question mark still. If you can foresee what's going to happen in the near future, don't hesitate, let me know in a comment.

If you're new to this and don't know how to monitor your farm and den evolution, here's a post that explains you how to use the How much is my LP worth? tool.

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