Planning For The Bull Run

6 days ago
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Holding crypto is nice and promising but at some point we have to think about profit as well and that time is coming very soon. A bull run is foreseeable very soon. Q2 and Q3 will be some hot Qs.

No matter how much I am procrastinating decision making, I need a plan before the bull run starts, a good one made weighing my options.

The last bull run started without me and I've been in accumulating mode for quite some time, so it's time for profit-taking. Yesterday I tried out how to transfer crypto from my cold wallet to Binance. That is done, I know how to do it when it's time.

Regarding crypto, I'm planning to sell some, take a profit and reinvest the profit. The question is how much and when. It's possible I won't sell all my holding and definitely not the same time.

Lacking experience makes me learn from other users success or failure so
I've been reading up on how others did last time. The safest approach is to sell gradually. This works for me as I'm not the all in, all out type anyway. Better safe than sorry.

However, I'm hoping to double my stake in number of coins after the bull run. I know it's a bold target and may not get there, but it's still a target. So based on DCA calculated I know how much I would like to get for my stake and how low I should buy again. This goes for Bitcoin.


Looks like CUB Defi is going to be part of my life on long term. So far I'm in two farms and the CUB den and intend to keep it that way. Maybe I'm going to pool more cub in the CUB - BUSD LP and den the CUB earnings. I trust CUB and it's still too early to judge this project. So far so good, especially if you look at the APR's compared to other platforms, but there's still a long way to go till CUB will moon.

I'm not sure about HIVE yet. I'm not planning to power down. Have been transferring some liquid to CUB DeFi but I'm not going to anymore. Converting Hive at this rate ($0.632871 at the moment of writing) would be suicide. I consider it a waste of resources. HIVE needs to appreciate a lot more before I can sell some. We're not there yet.

Don't trade on emotions!

This is going to be the biggest challenge and not only for me. I can already see when the bull run starts, everyone is going to post about their strategies and plans and FOMO will be running our lives.

I know what I want to do, how I want to do it, but what I'm going to do is a totally different matter. The good thing is I'm not going to gamble with a fortune, so I'll be fine (I hope).

The truth is, watching the bull run come and go without profiting from it is not what I intend to do. What's the fun in that?

So far I'm satisfied with my decisions. I'm not sure that statement will be true after the bull run is over, but we'll see.

What about you? What is your plan for Q2 and Q3?

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