CakePop - Goodbye and Good Riddance

I really don't know why I joined this IDO in the first place. It was against my better judgment. Now, even with a substantial…

Satoshi Hero - Bitcoin Faucet - Withdrawal Again After Five Days

Five days ago I told you about my experience with [ Satoshi Hero, ](

Rabona - Snow Lions 3rd In League 2 Season 46 - One Goal Missing to Win The League

Rabona - Football Manager at its finest* Frankly, it would be too much to expect yet the Snow Lions almost won league 2 in the 46th…

Season's End, New Reward Cards, 50% Loot Chest Reward Percentage For Cards

Yes, I admit I am playing #splinterlands now and then. I participate in guild brawls and finish an occasional quest or two. With the last…

Satoshi Hero - Bitcoin Faucet - Withdrawal

# Satoshi Hero Bitcoin faucet and games site After

Rabona - Season 45, League 2, Snow Lions 6thWith New $RBN ATH

Rabona - Football Manager at its finest* Another season has quietly gone by. League 2, Snow Lions finished sixth. A decent result.…

Pizza Bike

Rising Star game - where your rocking dreams come true! Pizza Bike Buying this beauty of the card with 25

Rabona - Season 44 Report - Snow Lions 5th in League 2

Rabona - Football Manager at its finest* Snow Lions 5th in Season 44 After season 43 was the best so far, this season was quite…

Hive Power Up Day on September 1st 2021

Powering up my own account. At the moment I have almost 28 K Hive Power with more than 16 K delegated to various projects I believe…

Hive Power Up Day on the first school day

50 Hive power up as always on the first day of the month. This time it was back in school day after summer vacation which was way too…

CakePOP IDO on CubFinance - All In

OK OK. I decided not to be a party breaker and joined this particular party - CakePOP IDO on CubFinance. I added a whopping sum of…

Rabona - Snow Lions were second in Season 43, League 2 - the best result so far

Rabona - Football Manager at its finest* Season 43 standings It is the best place for the Snow Lions ever.

Binance Account Verification

As some of you have already pointed out, Binance is bothering us (again) with their account verification stuff. Days ago I received this…

Rabona - Season 42, League 2, rank 7 for Snow Lions

Rabona - Football Manager at its finest* It was a season of two parts. The [first nine games

Hive-Engine Witness Node IOPS Upgrade

As some of you know I am trying to do my part and help the platform as a Hive-Engine Witness. Since the goal is also to have witness…

EXODE valuation skyrockets in alpha! And volume ranks us high!

EXODE is Hive game #2 in volume according to dappradar.com , for last 7 days or 30 days. *And also in the top 50 worldwide…

CubFinance - Outcome After One Month - CUB-BUSD LP & CUB Kingdoms

Exactly one month ago I reinvested into two options available at @cubfinance: CUB-BUSD Farm CUB Kingdom I more or less left…

Rabona - midseason team upgrade

Rabona - Football Manager at its finest* Being back in the second league and after nine matches played, I think I need to do some…

$SPS daily airdrops - snapshot in progress

Did you manage to snapshot the snapshot? I did :) I waited for the countdown to count down, refreshed the page, and ... I love…

Rabona - Season 41, League 3, Win and promotion, 5 teams only

Rabona - Football Manager at its finest* The 41st season was spent in the third league. Sadly, there were only five teams with…