There is a stable coin called Hive. Oh, wait...

16 days ago
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Welcome to the land of 2X

Hive has been stuck in the teens of pennies for over five months. I thought it had become a stable coin for a bit there. I am not sure what motivated me to dump a ton into this coin,just felt it in my gut, but I was right.


The last post I made, @jcornel commented about the lack of movement. I answered reflecting that bTC had tripled while Hive only gained a few pennies. He came back at me the next day saying, "Did Hive hear you?"

Shit I hope I can ask a coin to go up and it does. Uncanny that it happened like this!

So, I have doubled up on my dollar figure since investing in Hive. Normally I would take out half on a rise like this. I am staked and am not planning on a Hive power down. Very happy with the way things are going here!


the full screenshot

Did I mention that my stake in Leo has gone 3X? Yours has too. Let's hope it lasts.

Let the good times roll!

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