3 Things I have "Earned" from being in Leofinance


Valve's bad decisions are a great opportunity for others.

Hello everyone... Crypto Games and NFT were something that 2 years ago was practically nonexistent, but if we go to today, we will see…

Finally a politician that sees the bigger picture..

Hello everyone... All my life I have considered politicians to be the worst people in the world because as human history has very…

The most profitable Play2Earn games - Part 1

Hello everyone... There is no doubt about the great potential that crypto games can prove to have, as at the time of writing this…

CBDCs are cryptofascists.

Hello everyone... Yesterday I was reading an article on the internet where the CBDC was called fascist, a term that is also commonly…

Developing countries are the fastest adopters of cryptocurrencies.

When El Salvador took an important step on September 7th and made bitcoin a legal tender, it was an important step for the whole world…

In a few years, cryptocurrencies will be the best investment par excellence.

Yesterday I was talking with a friend of mine about what is currently happening around the world because things are changing at an…

Despite the attacks, crypto ownership remains and will continue to be very profitable.

5 months ago I made a post about what was going on with cryptocurrencies at that time since as you can see now cryptocurrencies were being…

No more HBD rewards paid? Understanding the Hive Debt Ratio and its effects

Many of you have probably noticed recently that, a few days ago, you no longer received HBD as a reward for your posts. Why was that…

El Salvador has taken another important step in the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Hello everyone... The amazing news from the Savior just keeps on coming. Adopting Crypto as a currency in a country like El Salvador…

Hello Uptober! Surprise us.

Hello everyone... Today already started the last quarter of this year and as it is near the end of 2021, bitcoin and other…

Rats abandon ship before disaster strikes.

Hello everyone... The other day I was watching a documentary on NatGeo, where they mentioned that when an animal is about to die all the…

Venezuela: An increasingly solid crypto nation.

Hello everybody... Did you know that the European continent has reached a historical milestone in the cryptocurrency market? During the…

NFT and sports continue to move towards success.


Why will the blockchain metaverse outperform the facebook metaverse?

Hello everybody... With the arrival of web 3.0 and all the applications that are being developed around it, new projects are appearing…

What google did in 23 years, crypto has done in 12 and more to come.

Hello everyone... After having breakfast and catching up with what was going on in leofinance, I realized something surprising. And that…

China has been using the same weapon against cryptocurrencies for 12 years, the FUD.

Hello everyone... Throughout human history there have always been different types of rivalries, for example, the Egyptian empire against…

Chaos Packs Are Coming A Worthy Investment?

Chaos Packs Are Coming A Worthy Investment? Recent news from [

Where some see failures, others see opportunities: The case of China and Venezuela.

Hello everyone... It is very true the saying: "Where some see failures or dangers, others see opportunities". And when thinking about…

My first purchases at Plant Vs Undead EN/ES.

Hello everyone... If you have heard about what happened yesterday or rather what has been happening all these 5 days with Plant Vs Undead