Meta and its data harvesting: A story that will repeat itself forever.

Hello everyone... Something that is part of many cultures worldwide is the proverbs that are popular phrases traditionally repeated…

Will bitcoin reach $0 because of...? Its own creator.

Hello everyone... There is no doubt that this day has been extremely stressful, since absolutely everything around us is falling, not…

Diamond hands: 3 ways not to panic.

Hi all... This is not my day, today I woke up with 2 sad news, one that the market has c

Oasis Network: A useful solution for data protection.

Hello everyone... Since a week ago, I do trading in Binance with the $ROSE token and I met him by a recommendation of a YouTuber I…

¿Como registrarte en Binance y como hacer tu primer deposito? ES/EN.

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Bonanza Mine: Intel's new project that proposes a solution to the market.

Hello everyone... The issue of crypto mining is something much-debated worldwide as it causes much furor the fact that it consumes large…

Looking to Fill a New Community Leader Position | Are You Interested in Becoming the LeoPedia.io Administrator?

LeoFinance has been undergoing massive levels of expansion throughout 2021 and now into 2022. We're bringing a level of development never…

Mint NFTs out of your Instagram posts in just a few steps, using clout.art.

Are you into photography? I know that many of my friends on hive are :) Do you use Instagram? I am sure that some of you do! Well, what…

BTC will take a back seat.

Hello everyone... They say that first love is never forgotten, the same can be said about bitcon as the main crypto market currency…

Tonga and bitcoin are creating a great precedent right now.

Hello everyone... Since seeing the destructive power of the volcano that caused so much havoc in tonga and other parts of the world…

The Golden Tax IV: The great ambition of the Chinese government.

China has always demonstrated its great ambition to be the absolute controlling entity of everything. With different policies they have…

Tether movements again reveal a great need in the crypto market.

Hi all... Tether, the controversial stablecoin that on many occasions has given much to talk about due to the great centralization it…

Hivestats V4 Development Update and Roadmap + Share Your Hivestats Experience Contest Winners

Hivestats V3 is officially in production and the update has brought some great new features to the long-beloved app for Hive Account…

Mark and his great vision on cryptocurrencies.

Mark Cuban is one of my favorite crypto investors, since in addition to promoting the adoption of cryptocurrencies, he also invests and…

USDForward A new attempt to try to survive from the banks.

Hello everyone... When I started my day commenting content on LeoFinance, I came across an excellent post from @dragosroua about th

Can’t See the Forest for the Trees.

Hello everyone... The title of this post is a popular saying but very applicable to what is happening in today's cryptocurrency market.…

GameStop NFT: A new door of opportunity.

Hello everyone... The year 2021 was a fantastic year for crypto games and NFT, as it was the time when more attention was given to them…

18 points of extreme fear is the best opportunity to buy jewelry.

Hello everyone... The market is currently extremely fearful that there will be another massive drop like the one in 2018, as the price…

3 Normas fundamentales que debes saber antes de invertir en criptomonedas EN/ES.

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Bitcoin bonds will be the future of the savior and also of the world economy.

Hello everybody... Since the beginning of the year 2022, many plans have been put in place in El Salvador, the first country to change…