Splinterlands Coin To Come Stable Towards A Lot Of People Is Not Expecting Analysis

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What are the chances of us seeing sps continue to move little down price because when you conjoin all of these days you can see how many times the market and sps was having issues the market and sps got rejected at 0.067 cents.

The market in sps could not break above 0.066 cents.we may be in a position to see the market in sps actually break above on a longer term perspective and i really don't see they're not being successful.the buyers are doing a terrible job of trying to break the price. images 20220519T235052.758.jpeg source We need to expect the price to go down and try because the market can only place out so much money in order to try to move the market higher and the market gonna get tired.the buyers are gonna get tired and they're gonna leave they're going to run out of money to try to move this market and then the price and trying is going to fall back down.

We may be in the beginning process .we have to be realistic in terms of what we're noticing on the chart and the marketing sps has over a plethora of few days.they could not move the market higher.i really don't see too much neither the market is just pretty much training range price has been elevated even amidst the light volume the small spread the price has been able to close lower than the previous price bars. Screenshot_2022_0818_192518.jpg The market is trying to move lower.they're trying to move this price in sps but there's no entrance no demand for people coming in trying to buy sps and we just don't have the volatility the volume is not showing up which also constitutes the reason.why the market is not moving higher when you get these particular type of environments it kind of shows you.

This market is not a buy or you might just want to chill out and wait until the market gives us more information as to how this market is trying to move.why i could be a little bit more bullish in the long term.

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