RE: Veews Integrates With LeoThreads For 'Threading' Posts

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I checked out the Veews frontend after reading your initial post. I really find it interesting, especially the ability to quickly find content through the tags. And it of course makes the tags more relevant. Now on integrating with Leothread, you have already said a lot of positive things.

If, for some reason, one app goes down, another can pop up.

This is one of them, and I think this is how LEO is driving Web 3. There should be many dapps accessing the blockchain. Apart from the variety it offers, its another great way not to depend on a central control. Am looking forward to greater partnership of Veews with the LEO team. I believe more will come out it

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I agree that all applications/front ends should incorporate each aspect of the blockchain. This is something that is offered through Web 3.0.

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