RE: China Shows us Cryptos Future

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I really don't understand why the mainstream media, let alone the supposedly pro-decentralisation crypto media, is so against China 'banning' Bitcoin.

They're an authoritarian government... Of course they are banning a permissionless, decentralised monetary system they can't control.

Why is this even news?

Bitcoin is literally designed to undermine authoritarian governments such as the CCP.

But by banning the decentralised Bitcoin at home, it will do nothing to discourage its growth and entrenchment throughout the rest of the world and eventually will come back to bite them.

Bitcoin is doing its job.

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They like to talk a lot of stuff but all the news anymore isn't backed up by any facts it's just garbage to get people to read it. I guess people aren't entertained by real news anymore. But honestly I find it fascinating. Bitcoins dip in price is because miners needed to cash in to move all of their equipment. Won't be long till we see price and mining start to ramp up again.

Closing your boarders and threating other countries is a great way to kill your economy lol