RE: Should I buy EOS in 2021?

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Ah Telos is another EOSIO blockchain!

Something I didn't realise until I started writing content for this EOS guide.

I asked this question in a comment above, but I'm interested to get your opinion on the matter too.

As the EOS community seems to to just be faced with slow, apathetic leaders rather than an alien invasion like we had with Justin Sun, do you think the community will ever truly revolt?

Can you see making a move to force their hand in the same way Ned selling Steemit Inc forced ours?

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It's hard for a project to recover after the community has become pessimistic. There are some strong projects on EOS like Blankos and Chintai, so I would say it's worth holding onto EOS if you have some, in case one of them brings EOS back into the spotlight. But overall I've always felt more positive vibes coming from the WAX/Telos communities.