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I still have a few of those 500 popularity starter cities that you were running before the changes.

Do you recommend trying to combine them to run less cities with 1000+ popularity instead?

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Yes! The 500 popularity starter city is out of date after the war-dependent changes were introduced to citizen mining. I just spent last night fine tuning a new class of starter city - its has 2400 popularity.

I would recommending combining, but you may needs some tweaks to get a good balance between cards.


Okay, I've combined 4 of my 500 popularity starter cities into the following 2, 1000 popularity combinations:

Would love to hear your thoughts!

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Actually, I think you might have been better off with 4 🤔

Here's the issue complicating things, the minimum tick is 2%. With War Tax at 5%, each tick costs 300 popularity. So with four 500 cities you had four 2% ticks (per 2 hr round), and now with 1000 you have two 3% ticks.

My new model has 2400 popularity with 8% per tick, giving it really nice distribution even in moderately heavy wartimes.



Thanks for explaining it like this man, it's really helpful.

Okay, back to playing around with my configurations haha!

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Thinking about this a bit, it kind of makes sense that when gerber introduced more expensive citizens to be mined (young citizen and students), he also nerfed the citizen mining by using war tax adjustments.

Your 500 popularity cities mine as before with no war tax (50 popularity per tick, or 10% every 2hrs at 500 popularity). But with the introduction of the war tax slider, its become much less likely we have days without war tax as current administrations have opted for a 'moderate level' of war tax.

So this effectively increased the popularity required to mine effectively, but the young citizens and students sell at prices much above the homeless and immigrant cards (which we still get as well).