#ASKLEO: At what price will you sell your CUB?

Yesterday I read an interesting blog of @melbourneswest with the title "CUB gets ready to launch"

Get 3 dollars of AmpleForth for free with Coinbase Learn to Earn

Every now and then Coinbase gives away small amounts of crypto coins in their “Learn to earn” program. I’ve already collected quite some…

A good opportunity to buy some more CUB

Bitcoin Cash is doing great the last few weeks. It’s steadily growing in price. This week it gained another 30% in just 24 hours. I’ve…

The NFT craziness just keeps on going...

NFT’s or Non Fungible Tokens are hot. The popularity of NFT’s have exploded this year. For those who have been living under a rock; a NFT…

Recent updates on Noise.Cash

What is Noise.Cash? For those who are not familiar with Noise.Cash yet; Noise.Cash is a social micro blogging platform like twitter. You…

My Hive/Leo/Noise.Cash goals for May

Setting goals is maybe more even more important than achieving them. By setting goals you can measure your progress. I've been setting new…

1st of the month: time for Hive and LEO power ups!

It's the first day of a new month which is the traditional Hive Power Up Day #HIVEPUD There are a couple of good reasons for powering…

When the markets bleed, focus on the numbers!

The last couple of days the crypto markets were colouring dark red again. Almost all of the tokens made a free fall and lost tens of…

Modern Tulip Mania

(Photo by FriendlyMoose) Almost two weeks ago I had a stroke of luck with a blockchain game I had been playing for a while. There was a…

Making money with photography

(Image from Pixabay) My passion for photography Photography is one of my passions. Ever since I bought my own camera (about 20 years…

What is Bitcoin Cash all about?

Bitcoin Cash is doing very well lately. The little brother of Bitcoin has gained 57% again in the past two weeks and touched the 850 USD…

I've cashed out my Trillium from Alien Worlds and guess what I bought from it?

I've been 'playing' Alien Worlds since the beginning of this year. By playing I mean that I opened the game a couple of times a day and…

The Hive playground

I was triggered to create this post by a blog I read from @themarkymark I read today. The titel was: "How did you get here and why are you…

Alienworlds FOMO craziness!

Alien Worlds is a game where you can mine for NFT’s on different planets. The game is still in early development. I’ve been mining for a…

Powered Up my account for #HIVEPUD

It’s the first day of the month again; time to power up my accounts! There is an ongoing tradition to Power Up your Hive account on the…

April goals and a review of March goals

A new month has started; time to look at some figures to see how this month went. At the beginning of each month I set some goals for the…

Free tipping tokens explained

Tipping tokens One of the funny things I discovered on Hive are the, what I call; “Free Tipping Tokens”. When you hold or stake enough…

My experiences with Noise.Cash

At the start of 2021 I noticed a lot of posts that mentioned Noise.Cash. I was curious and decided to check it out. Now, 11 weeks later…

Cryprobrewmaster: What ingredients are needed for which beer?

Since I published my a lot has happened. To start off two new brewing re

Staking and managing your different tokens

Last week I posted a blog explaining how you could earn some extra coins by using the right tags for your posts; [Earn tokens by using…