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I really like riddles, brain teasers and contests.
Solving @onealfa's contest yesterday really inspired me to create a riddle myself.
I contacted @onealfa about it and he was willing to sponsor this contest. He didn't mention the prize money, but knowing him it will be generous. Thanks for that!

The Contest

The image above holds some secrets that have something to do with encryption.
If you manage to figure out what the secret is you will get access to an image.
When you find it you will know you have the right one.
The first one to post this image in the replies will win the contest.

Warning! I think solving this puzzle is quite tough, but there are also some smart people on Hive.
If there is no winner after 24 hour I will give a hint that might help you in the right direction.

Good luck everyone!

image.png ***


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